September 29, 2014

I'm back!

Good morning!

I'm back! The Pilot and I made it back to DC around 10:00 on Saturday night, and let me tell you, I didn't think we would.

Between an Air France pilot strike (that started the day we started our honeymoon, and ended the day we got back) and an air traffic control tower fire in Chicago, air travel out of Paris and into the US was almost impossible, with every flight oversold and us trying to fly standby.

If it hadn't been for a Newark flight that got cancelled, and later rescheduled, I think we'd still be in Paris...and considering I boarded that flight with a fever somewhere between 101 and 103, that would have just been terrible.

Luckily, we made it back to Newark, waited around in the United Club (free passes from Mom!) for a few hours before realizing that if we did get home by plane, it wouldn't be until at least 10 or 11pm, so we rented a car and drove home.

I'm still sick, though feeling much better than I was yesterday and the day before, thanks to a mix of antibiotics, Zicam, and home remedies. Thankfully, I'm functioning enough to start my new job today!

Since I'm jet lagged and up way before my alarm, I just wanted to pull a quick post together to say hi! I don't have a lot of wedding photos yet (just the ones that have been tagged on Facebook and Instagram) but I'll post some of those this week for sure!

And of course, I've got quite a lot of honeymoon photos to sort through, but I have every intention of recapping our honeymoon day by day, because it was awesome! Until then, I'll leave you with this picture of the view from our balcony on Santorini.

Our wedding was perfect, our honeymoon was spectacular, and it is so, so good to be home. 


  1. My family had to reschedule their flight to Germany due to the Lufthasa strike. Glad you made it back home safely and you are feeling better today! CAN'T wait for wedding and honeymoon updates! I'm dieing to know how it all went.

  2. Welcome back and glad to hear that the wedding and honeymoon were fantastic!

  3. Congrats and I hope you feel better soon!

  4. YAY!! So glad you made it home safely, despite the crazy air traffic problems and sickness. I can't wait to hear about your honeymoon!! Hope your first day at the new job went well :)


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