August 14, 2014


Feeling... perplexed. Life threw a curve ball at me this week and I'm doing my best to try and handle it.

Reading... two books...which I never, ever do but my book club timeline got ahead of me, so I'm reading The Power of Habit and The Glass Castle.

Drinking... water. I've been so insanely thirsty all week. I wonder if it's my new office?

Listening to... the Goo Goo all time favorite band.

Working on... the last of the wedding things that need to get done. My goal is to get them done this weekend. We'll see. 

Anticipating... a day off. I requested a mental health day for tomorrow. I need it.

Loving... my new commute. It's the bee's knees. A 15 minute commute is awesome. I wish I could say I'm using the extra time in the morning to be productive but yesterday and today, I snoozed for 2 hours (sorry fiance)...I guess I'm just a little off this week.

That's what's going on in my world today! Yesterday, we hit the one month mark to our wedding day...and I still feel like it's just as far away as it was in May. Is that normal? 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Less than a month to go!!! I think in the next couple of days, it'll feel closer than it does now. Then warp speed ahead!

  2. Cheers to mental health days!!!! And 15 minute commutes.... And snoozing :)


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