July 17, 2014


Feeling... Frustrated. I got an email this morning that my library books are overdue...despite that I returned all of them before the due date. Until I checked out these books, I hadn't checked out books from a library in almost five years. Why? Because I still want to have an enormous library of my own, so I might as well just buy all the books and start my collection.

Reading... Reading Lolita in Tehran. I'm less than a hundred pages in and so far I've been disappointed. The book is just starting to pick up so we'll see. It reads in parts like a story, and in parts like a lecture. Hmm.

Drinking... Apple juice. 

Listening to... Anthem Lights Best of 2012 Mash Up. I also can't get Imagine Dragon's On Top of the World out of my head. I love that song.

Watching... nothing! I've haven't turned the TV on all week. It's debatable whether or not that's a good thing.

Working on... wedding things <3.

Anticipating... the weekend! My best friend is coming to town this weekend! She hasn't been here since it was veryyyyyyy cold outside, so I'm excited to show her DC in warmer weather and catch up before the wedding!

Loving... District Taco. The Pilot and I went there for lunch yesterday and I seriously don't understand how people in DC can KNOW that District Taco exists and still eat at Chipotle. I had the freshest, most delicious tacos I've ever had and I will be back...a lot. 

So, there you have it. That's what's going on on my end! Hope you're having an awesome week!


  1. A week without tv, wish that would be me! I don't watch that much, but I like the noise in the background.

  2. How is the book going? If you're still having trouble with it, one thing I might suggest is to look up some interviews with her and learn about her life.

    She spoke at my college my freshman or sophomore year and while I went to see her, I didn't really appreciate it at that age. I tried to read her book and couldn't get into it.

    Then last year I saw her speak again here in DC and THEN read the book again and really enjoyed it!

  3. Hmmm maybe I'm gonna have to try some District Taco while I'm there in September!!


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