June 5, 2014


Feeling... Excited! Our wedding app flashed this little reminder today...

100 days until our wedding!!!

Reading... I'm about 20 pages from finishing My Guantanamo Diary. Next up? The King of Cuba which I picked up at the library last night.'

Drinking... Coffee.

Watching... I finished Scandal Season 3. It wasn't as good as the first two seasons and didn't really end in the usual OMG-what's-going-to-happen-next-season way which is typical of dramas, but it was ok. The Pilot and I also finished Orange is the New Black. Season 2 comes out tomorrow!

Anticipating... a potential getaway...

Wishing for... said getaway to actually happen...

Loving... that I'm running through PT and might soon see an end to this injury saga.

So, there you have it! 100 days till our wedding!
It's finally starting to feel close!
What are you up to this Thursday???


  1. Wooohooo for 100 days til the wedding! That's super exciting! The last 3 months are going to flyyyyy :)
    Can't wait for Orange is the New Black tomorrow (not that I'll actually have time to watch it until at least after this weekend, but super excited anyway)

  2. Totally agree on Scandal, I had a feeling it was a closure to this show and never thought they would have a new season coming out. How would they turn this around? Soo excited for your potential getaway!!

  3. Hope PT continues to go well!


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