May 19, 2014

One of those busy weekends

This weekend was one of those busy weekends where I wish I could just get one more day out of.

Thursday, I met up with Jenn for drinks. It was our first time meeting and three hours flew by before we headed home and I realized it was almost 10:00! It was a great night and I can't wait to hang out with her more!

Friday after work, I headed to Nats Park with some coworkers because the Mets were in town! Despite what was originally a 6 hour delay, due to an aircraft change, The Pilot was able to make the game! The Mets lost but it was a great game and we had a ton of fun.

Saturday I was up bright and early to tackle the four loads of laundry that had been building up. I took Peyton for a nice long walk and headed to the gym for a short bike ride to get my legs moving before Sunday's planned run. We made our way to Clarendon for brunch and then drove out to Old Town and did a little window shopping. We did some grocery shopping and I did some baking and we called it a night nice and early so we could tackle Sunday's run.

Sunday morning, we headed out for our long run. We signed up for this race weeks ago but this was the first long run we were actually able to do together given all of my knee issues. I planned for 10 miles and he planned for 11 and we ended up running 11 together. It was the perfect run. We negative split, every mile was a few seconds faster than the previous one and I just felt great. I was pretty sore from about 5 on from having done 7 miles just 3 days before, but aside from that, I really felt great and I'm so excited for Sunday!

Post-run, after stretching and foam rolling, I spent the next few hours on my feet prepping all of my food for the week. Not the smartest decision I've ever made, but I've been so bad about meal planning for the last 6 months or so that I really just needed to get a kick on it and I feel so much better about this week knowing that all of my food is prepped!

I do have to say, when I started baking on Sunday, I followed a recipe on Pinterest which I didn't realize needed to sit in the fridge overnight before baking. Well, I made one of those kitchen mistakes that turns out to be the best mistake ever because when I finally got to baking these cookies yesterday, they were the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made! I'll leave you with this picture and you can bet that I'll be sharing the recipe later this week!

They might not look pretty but they were heaven.
So that's my busy weekend! I'm ready to tackle the week ahead, after all, it's race week!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


  1. Haha! Looks like we both had cookies & saw the Mets :)

  2. So happy you and Ryan both had a good run!!! You are going to rock that half next week :) Mmm I love a good chocolate chip cookie recipe--I was planning on sharing mine soon, too, haha! I can't wait to read your 'mistake' and try it out!!

  3. Woo hooo on your long run - you guys are ready!!!


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