May 8, 2014


Feeling... Pissed off. Our neighbor sits outside on her balcony until 3am almost every night SCREAMING on the phone. With closed doors, windows and the AC on, we can still here every single word she says. This has been going on for 4 months and I'm getting really fed up with our building management telling us that there's nothing they can do. I didn't sleep last night, which means I didn't work out this morning and breakfast? Totally, completely forgot about it. Yea, I'm not happy.

Reading... I'm almost done with I Am Malala and I'm still working my way through The Five Love Languages. (I'm not very good at reading more than one book at a time. I love Malala and can't put it down. I should finish it by tomorrow and will have a review up next week. Not sure what to start next though...

Listening to... Norah Jones on Pandora. It calms me down.

Eating... An egg and cheese on a bagel. Because that's what happens when you don't sleep and have no time to even think about breakfast in the morning.

Watching... Season finales everywhere. The Mindy Project got better with every episode this season. New Girl got worse...

Anticipating... Tomorrow's doctor appointment + a trip home for Mom's Day to celebrate mom (and have another fitting for my wedding dress).

Wishing for... a good run. PT said I could try to run before my doctor's appointment. That obviously didn't happen this morning because I didn't sleep but after almost two weeks off, I'm hoping to get in a decent 20 minutes tomorrow and not rule out all hope for the Alexandria Running Festival...

Loving... my eyebrows. Yes, most random love ever. I have a scar in the middle of my left eyebrow that has made my brows grow all sorts of crazy like and I've always been really self conscious about them. After a particularly bad waxing a few months ago that left me looking like Rachel Dratch in Just Go with It, I caved and spent some money to get my brows down by a professional, and now they look great.

I'm sorry I've kept so quiet all week, this whole not running thing is bothering me a lot. I hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating their moms!


  1. I need to catch up on Mindy...I didn't watch when it started back in April after the now I need to!!! I stopped watching New Girl last season, but i'm starting to watch it again from the beginning on Hulu. The first season was great, and most of the 2nd was too, but I'm sad it's gone downhill!! Have a great trip to see your mom!!

  2. What is your neighbor doing? Screaming for hours?? Is she on the phone?? Why are people so inconsiderate!

  3. I hope things get better for you--I'd be SUPER pissed if my neighbor did that, too. I hate how rude and thoughtless people can be!
    Have so much fun with your mom, and getting another dress fitting in!! YAY!!
    Looking forward to next week!

  4. LOUD NEIGHBORS WHO HAVE NO CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS *flails* I feel you 100% on that one. Also, reminding me to get my eyebrows done too. Yay!

  5. I'd want to kill that neighbor! And I hope you can get a good run in asap!!

  6. Ugh. Neighbors can be the worst. We had a similar experience when we lived downtown (they were above us) and we called the front desk on them all of the time.

    I am reading I Am Malala right now, too! SO GOOD!

  7. Is your neighbors balcony accessible from yours? If so, a bucket of water and ruining her phone may take care of that little problem ;)


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