May 22, 2014


Feeling... Meh. I had a really hard time waking up this morning.

Reading... Gone Girl. I didn't really have much interest in reading this but one of my mom's friend's gave her a copy and told me I needed to read it. She knows me pretty well so I decided to give it a shot. I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet. It's a fast read, which I like, but I don't really like either of the two main characters. We'll see.

Eating/Drinking... A green smoothie. It's finally smoothie season and I'm giving the green ones another shot after some unsuccessful attempts last year. This one has spinach, banana, pineapple, avocado, Greek yogurt, and olive oil (??). The recipe called for parsley but I hate parsley and never keep it in the house. I had to add some almond milk because it wasn't blending which took away some of the sweetness from the pineapple, so I'd make it again, just with more pineapple.

Watching... Oh man...Scandal Season 3 is finally on Netflix. I'm three episodes in in 2 days, so that's awesome. So far, the Season is pretty good all though, I'm not too sure what happened with everyone getting supermodel hair in this season.

The Pilot and I also started watching Orange is the New Black. I had no idea what this show was about, so it threw me off a little bit, but it's pretty good so far. I'm not a Laura Prepon fan, but we'll see if this show changes that. The new season comes out on June 6th so we started watching at the perfect time.

Anticipating... this weekend's half-marathon WITH THE PILOT!!!!! I'm so excited to run together and even more excited to get some redemption from my last 13.1. I don't even care about my time (again), I just want to run start to finish pain free.

Wishing for... a way to get all of my sisters/bridesmaids to DC. I have a lot of DIY projects to tackle in the next few months for the wedding and I'm a little overwhelmed at having to do them by myself/with my fiance. I may enlist the help of some DC friends who have offered though.

Loving... That The pilot is going into his 4th month of having weekends off. It's awesome. He's been away Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday every week since the beginning of March and having him around on weekends is just awesome. We've never been able to spend this much time together.

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you all have an awesome 3-day weekend planned!


  1. I didnt really know what OITNB was about either, and was very taken aback at some of the stuff, but overall, I really enjoyed season one and can't wait for season 2 to come out!
    Good luck on the half this weekend with the Pilot! I'm sure you'll rock it :)

  2. You should read Orange is the New Black if you like memoirs! I randomly picked it up a couple of months before hearing about the series coming out last year.

  3. We recently started to watch Scandal as well and I think the 3rd season is a liitle too crazy. My favorite is still the1st season.

  4. I just came across your blog through the summer book challenge and am so glad I found it! I'm interested to see what you thought of Gone Girl-- I liked Sharp Objects quite a bit better and am waiting to read Dark Places. You are watching Orange is the New Black just in time because Season 2 starts next month! I'm not a big laura Prepon fan either but she did grow on me a little bit.


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