May 13, 2014

...and the doctor said...

IT Band Syndrome.

The entire time he was examining me, he kept saying: "It can't be that easy."

To which I replied:

"Well maybe it is and the reason it keeps flaring up is because the asshole doctor I saw last time said flat out from the beginning that it WASN'T IT Band Syndrome when Google told me that it was, so he diagnosed me with tendinitis and sent me to PT for the WRONG FREAKING INJURY."

He's sending me for an MRI (because he's a good doctor) just to make sure there isn't anything else lingering there, so I go for that tonight.

In the mean time...he didn't tell me not to run...and he didn't explicitly tell me that I could run...though his PA said that I could and to stop immediately if it hurt (duh).

So, I ran 2 miles on Thursday.

3.5 on Saturday.

5 on Monday.

I've felt fine through all of them, especially the 5 during which I actually wore an IT Band strap.

Though in glancing at this image and reading up on it, I'm apparently wearing it wrong, so we'll try to wear it above the knee on tomorrow's run, pending that I'm still feeling good from yesterday's.

Yes, I'm still trying to run the Alexandria Half next weekend. I'm not afraid to drop out of it but damn it I'm going to try to get the miles I need to feel comfortable running. In the mean time, we'll wait for the MRI results and see what's next. The doctor said if my knee keeps flaring up, we can try a cortisone injection.

So, that's where I'm at. In case you couldn't grasp this from before? I'm pissed. After reading an extremely comprehensive guide to the differences between tendinitis and ITBS, there really was no reason at all for the doctor to diagnose me with the former. Lovely.

Here's to happy running...I hope.


  1. Hi Christy! I've been reading your blog for a while and I felt compelled to comment since I was ina very similar situation at the end of May. I just finished a round of PT for ITBS that struck me hard on an 11 mile training run for a half marathon. A combo of taping (KT Tape is amazing), stretching and strengthening got me to run the half 3 weeks later and a 10 miler a month after that. Make sure you foam roll! I think that's what really helped me get through.

    ITBS sucks but you can power through it!

  2. Well, regardless if you're happy or not...I AM happy for you because at least you know it NOW and can start to fix it properly instead of still fighting with it!! Hopefully it will be so much better for the Alexandria half next weekend.


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