April 29, 2014

{On Running} What's Next?

I want to thank everyone for all of the sweet words and support on yesterday's race recap of the Nike Women's Half.

I can't even say it was a tough race because it wasn't. The Madrid Marathon is still the toughest race I've ever run but this race tore at my emotions in a way that is going to take some time to bounce back from. As I said yesterday, I don't know what this means.

I emailed my PT yesterday and am waiting to hear back from her. I found a new doctor to see and, while I can't get in to see him until next Friday, I'm optimistic that he'll get me back on my feet soon.

I really didn't think the race would go this way. I mean, my training runs were all fine. It isn't that big of a jump from 11 to 13 miles. The only explanation that I can give is that I went out too fast. My knee was in rough, rough shape yesterday. Today, it feels fine and the only lingering effect from the race is the tightness in my right hamstring.

In the four years I've been running, I've always followed Hal Higdon's Zero Week plan for the week after the race (despite never actually following a Hal Higdon training plan).

This plan has me off until Thursday and then running an easy 2 miles. I'm obviously not going to run if I'm still having pain, but if I'm pain free, I'm going to go out and try to run those 2 easy miles to see how I'm feeling. Obviously if I feel the slightest twinge, I'm going to stop.

I mentioned yesterday that I just signed up for another race. For years, I've been trying to get The Pilot to run a Half with me. For years, he's said no. Well, shortly after we got engaged, he finally caved and said he would run a Half with me before the wedding. So, last week, we signed up for the Alexandria Running Festival, a 13.1 mile race right here in the DC Metro area.

The Pilot has always run a few miles here and there. Yesterday, I told him to go out and do 6. He did 7. He's actually enjoying training and feeling good about it. He was coming with me on the first half of all of my long runs and it's fun running together. I so badly want to run this Half together and right now, I don't know if that's going to happen.

Let's not even talk about the fact that I thought I would feel so good post-race that I would sign up for a Fall Marathon.

I have a 4-miler planned for the end of June that I was hoping to train for to start getting some speed in, but for now, everything is on hiatus. I have 27 days until Alexandria and I'm going to take them step by step, day by day (oh hey 90s TV show reference!).

Emotionally, I'm not as much of a mess I was yesterday or the day before, but we'll see how things go. As always, I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks again for all of the well wishes. It's times like these that make me realize just how much I love blogging and this entire community of runners and bloggers. 

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  1. Day by day, things will get better :) You have a great attitude about it!


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