April 17, 2014


Feeling... productive.

Reading... still working my way through Sherlock Holmes and The Five Love Languages. My friend Carolann just sent me I am Malala so that's up next.

Drinking... water...and way too much of it. Note, drinking through a straw will cause you to drink absurd amounts of water.

Listening to... The Norah Jones station on Pandora. It's my favorite. Now playing, Of Monsters & Men.

Watching... I've been catching up on my DVR this week. Lots of Parenthood, Growing Up Fisher, Parks and Rec and Big Bang Theory.

Anticipating... a trip home and my next dress fitting with Mom!

Wishing for... a solid 10-miler this weekend that will give me a good feeling going into Nike next week.

Seeing in DC... The Cherry Blossoms are gone and winter has seemingly returned, but my goodness they were unbelievable.

Loving... that wedding planning has come to a stand still for the time being.

There you have it!
Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. I haven't caught up on Parks & Rec for a few weeks...but I need to! And hope you get your 10-miler in this weekend :)


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