March 20, 2014


Feeling... Excited! It's SPRING! It's SPRING! It's SPRING!!! It's officially the first day of SPRING! It's going to be 60 degrees today and I'm so pumped to take a nice long walk at lunch time and then *maybe* hit the trail for a light run later (I'm kind of sore so we'll see).

This was almost one year ago.
I plan to recreate this photo in approximately 2 weeks.
There may again be snow in the forecast but a balmy first day of spring is just what I need to kick off the season!

Reading... Sherlock Holmes still.

Drinking... Water.

Watching... Scandal. I'm almost finished with Season 2. Then, I'm going to start binge watching Sherlock Holmes. Hopefully with less binge involved as with the start of spring, I plan to spend most of my time out of the office, outside.

Anticipating... The Cherry Blossom Festival! There are so many things going on in DC over the next three weeks and I want to go to all of them!

Wishing for... Warm weather that's here to stay. I would like to burn my winter coat please and thank you.

Seeing in DC... It's going to be gorgeous out this weekend and The Pilot will be home. Adventures will ensue.

Loving... that I'm up to 4 miles of pain-free running. Heading out for 5 this weekend! Fingers crossed it goes well!

Happy First Day of Spring!!!


  1. Im SO happy that it's finally Spring and in the 60's. Not so happy about MORE snow in the forecast tho. Boo!
    I saw on the news that the peak bloom for the cherry blossoms is April 8-12....guess who's wedding is at the end of that peak bloom?? :)

  2. The weather was fantastic today!! I hate to see snow on tuesday, when is this over?? I usually don't mind winter, but this tease of spring and then a snow storm is killing me.


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