February 13, 2014

Wedding Things VI: Diving In

We're getting married in 7 months! We're now at the half way point of our 14 month engagement and it is finally starting to feel like it's getting close!

So many people told us when we got engaged that our engagement would fly by and they were all wrong. The Pilot and I were talking about this the other day. I don't know if it's this winter or what, but time seems to be going at its normal speed and I'm just fine with that!

We're at the point now, where just about everything has been planned and all that's left to do, are things that need to actually be done...most of which can wait a couple of months.

At 7 months out, I still haven't gotten stressed over planning our wedding. It's all been really easy. My friend Steph pointed out the other day that when you're super organized, it's hard to get stressed out because you're just always on top of stuff, so I guess that's helpful!

Here's a running to do list of what's left on our list.


  • I still haven't really nailed down what I want to do for centerpieces. I want to do something less traditional than flowers, but still classy and elegant and in keeping with our theme. I have a few ideas floating around, but I have yet to really put in place something. 
  • When it came to dessert, The Pilot was clear on one thing. He wanted cupcakes. So, cupcakes it is! We're getting them from Georgetown Cupcakes (face of the TLC show, DC Cupcakes). We just need to take a trip there and figure out which flavors we want. Tasting cupcakes? Wedding planning is so difficult!

Ceremony Details
  • For the most part, we've planned out our Mass. We just need to pick our readings and finalize our music choices. The music coordinator at the church is actually taking care of our ceremony musicians, which is awesome, so I just need to follow up with her and we'll be all set! Once we nail down the ceremony details, I'm going to start drafting our program. 
  • My sister designed our Save the Dates and she's doing the same with our Invitations. We know exactly what we want, we just need to nail down some details like color/background/text/etc. The invites will be very DIY so we want to get started on them way in advance so that we have plenty of time to get them finished before they need to go out in July.  
Bridal Party Attire
  • My bridesmaids picked out their dresses and I love them. They're blue and will look great on everyone. We picked them from Weddington Way and they'll be ordering them soon, so I'll make sure to write up a review of them once everything is in! The girls are all wearing different dresses and I really like all of them. I still have to pick out my dresses for my junior bridesmaids (2) and flower girl (all my nieces). The Pilot and I are planning on taking a trip to look at tuxes sometime in the spring and then we'll get him and the guys sorted out. 
These are the dresses in pink.
  • We know where we're going, we just have to figure out the details...and that's all I'm saying about that for now =)
We've already picked all of our flowers and just need to finalize some of those details. We picked out the bridal party transportation (still need to figure out a thing or two with that) and started registering for gifts. Everything left to do is super manageable and should be all of the fun stuff. 

That's pretty much it! Oh and Mom just needs to finish my dress! We're getting close!


  1. so so so exciting!!! Can't wait for more details and pictures!!

  2. Centerpieces drove me mad--I literally was dreaming about it at night because I was so stressed about keeping costs down. Luckily I found some really pretty vase/candle holders online for about $300 which kept our flower costs down for that since it's a small vase. I can send you the info if you want :)
    You've got a good roll on things! We're doing cupcakes, too!
    Can't wait to hear where you're going on the honeymoon.

  3. Yay for cupcakes!! I love that you're doing blue for your wedding. It fits you :) Sounds like you have a lot under control and that's awesome!

  4. Ahhh you're killing me with the honeymoon! I bet it's going to be FANTASTIC! I love it when bridesmaids have different dresses! Can't wait to see them!


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