January 14, 2014

This Week in Training

The last time I ran was sometime in mid-November...before Thanksgiving. Before January, I think I went to the gym once and yoga twice in those 6 weeks between then and the end of the year.

I've never been in a workout slump that bad before. It was cold, I wasn't running and I was working two jobs which translated in me just not wanting to make the time to workout.

I'm glad I've finally gotten over that and back on the wagon.

Last week, I had 5 workouts planned. I did 3 of them. I'm perfectly ok with that. You can't exactly go from not working out at all to jumping right back into it.

I did the elliptical. I went to yoga. I went to a spin class. I didn't get in a Nike Training Club workout but that's more because I hadn't gotten the 8lb. medicine ball needed for the workouts yet. Now that I have that, I'm planning on getting in at least one NTC workout this week.

Yesterday, I went to PT and tried some new exercises which made me feel like I'm not anywhere close to getting back into running. I've been doing a lot of balance exercises and, while I find them really easy on the right side, standing on my left leg and tossing a ball, or doing leg lifts with a resistance band makes me feel like I'm drunk and have no coordination whatsoever.

So that doesn't make me feel great about returning to running anytime soon. But, my ideal goal is to be running again by the end of February, so I'm still a long way from that and optimistic.

Here's what I'm planning for this week:

Monday: Morning PT + At Home Yoga (DVD)
Tuesday: Elliptical + NTC 'Get Focused'
Wednesday: Morning PT + NTC
Thursday: Elliptical
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: ???

So there you have it. Here's to hoping for a speedy return to running!


  1. You rock at staying positive during this! You will get better and you will start running. I remember my first PT session and I was told to do a leg lift and I just stared at my right leg and NOTHING HAPPENED. Worst feeling ever. You will get stronger and you will be a fast runner probably because all your supporting muscles will be so much stronger.

  2. Way to stay positive and keep working towards your goals! I really hope PT starts to help and all of your strength training really should, too! When I had knee problems, I had to do a ton of hip strengthening exercises and I still do them even now that my knees don't hurt just as prevention. It makes a huge difference!


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