January 7, 2014

Let's Talk Training

For what is supposed to primarily be a running blog, I haven't talked much about running...or any other form of exercise since my decision to drop out of the Marine Corps Marathon. 

If you've been reading for the last couple of weeks, you know that I'm currently in Physical Therapy for tendinitis in my knee.

My knee really only bothers me when I run and I've done an ok job of keeping up with my PT exercises, but I could be doing a lot more and so that's one of my training goals for January (and for this year).

My doctor only put in for 8 PT sessions, so I'm taking them slowly. The biggest thing I'm working is is strengthening my hips, so I'm doing a lot of bridges, clam shells and leg raises. 

I'm hoping to start running again at the beginning of February, after I go back to the doctor. If I can start running then, I'll be in great shape to start training in early March for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in April. 

While I'm not running, I have a couple of things in mind to stay in shape and keep my fitness up so that my return to running isn't plagued with out-of-shape-ness.

1. Yoga
  • I love yoga and I love my yoga studio. It's my happy place. Last night, during his own workout, The Pilot even said he wants to try yoga with me! Hot yoga, cold yoga, it doesn't matter. My goal for this month is to do yoga 2-3 times per week, whether in the studio or at home.
2. Spinning
  • Every time I've ever had any kind of issue with my knee, the doctor tells me to spin. The problem is, it's expensive and I prefer yoga. I'm planning to make it a goal (at least for this month) to spin once a week. There's a community class on Friday at a nearby studio so I'm hoping to get into that! 
3. Nike Training Club
  • I've always done these workouts sporadically, but I'm hoping to commit to them for this month...especially the arm workouts. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want nice, toned Mobama arms for my wedding. Consider this an added bonus. For now, I'll make it a point to get these workouts in once or twice per week. 

4. Fake Running The Elliptical
  • Every runners' least favorite form of exercise. It's the closest thing to running without being actual running. I don't think I have much of a choice in this form of exercise...which I think is why injured runners hate it so much. Cue this one for 3x per week.  
So, here's my plan for this week
Monday: Leave work early because I'm mind numbingly tired. Try to fall asleep. Fail at falling asleep. Pop a Benadryl at 8:30 and PTFO. 
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Morning PT + Elliptical 
Thursday: Ellitpical + NTC
Friday: Spin
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest

Have you ever been injured? What was your plan to return to running as quickly/healthily as possible?


  1. Injuries are so frustrating! I focused on swimming, weightlifting, and dynamic stretching when my IT band was injured. Looks like you have some great stuff planned until you can get back to running!

  2. I think you have a great plan in place so that you can heal properly!! You need some time to heal and this is good. Yoga and spinning help a lot for running with endurance so that will be good! I'm praying for a quick recovery :)

  3. Great way to stay in shape while your knee is recovering. I'll keep my fingers cross you can start running soon!

  4. I really like the NTC app. Have you seen the new programs in the most recent update? I'm trying one of their programs for the month since I'm not training for anything in specific.

  5. Your blog hates me and my comments never work. I am planning on doing yoga / pilates 2 - 3 times a week to make sure I get my stretching in. Strength training helped me a ton when recovering from my knee surgery.

  6. The ellipticals are most in demand at my gym. I only use them when I can't run but others love them.


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