December 19, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Physical Therapy - I started PT on Tuesday for my knee. My therapist says my biggest issues are inflexibility and weak hips, so that's what we're working on to get me running again. I'm kicking off a 30 Day Yoga Challenge in January (hopefully making it past Day 19 this time) in the hopes that that, along with PT, will aid in flexibility. There's a new spins studio opening up near my job in January, so I'm hoping to spin at least once a week, do yoga and PT and be back on the pavement in early Feb and training for Nike Women's. Optimistic? Yes. Realistic? I think so.

2. Vacation - I started my job exactly one month ago and I'm tremendously fortunate to work for an organization that gives us the entire week between Christmas and New Year's off. At my last job, I would have had to work until 5:30 on Christmas Eve and been back the to work on December 26. I'm so so happy that I'll get to take this week off, without using any vacation time, especially since I haven't accrued any vacation time and I'm trying to save what I do get for the wedding!

Other than heading up to my Mom's, I have no idea what I'm doing for said vacation but I'm totally ok with that.

3. Goals/Accomplishments - I'm putting together my 2014 Goals and 2013 Review and should have them up in the next few days. It's always so interesting to review the year and look forward to next year. 2013 was such an eventful year...for good things as well as bad and 2014 is just going to be a whirlwind, I about big life changes! But it's all really exciting!


  1. I am so glad you are looking ahead and setting yourself up for a plan that will get you strong and healthy!

  2. Looking forward to reading your goals! And yay for your vacation situation; that sounds awesome!

  3. Lazy vacation days are the best.

  4. What an awesome vacation! I'm only working Monday, which makes me SO happy. But the husband only gets off on Wednesday-- poor guy. :(


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