December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year, for Thanksgiving, The Pilot had to fly. Not wanting to be alone and not really wanting to travel, I convinced my mom to come join me for a quiet Thanksgiving in DC. It was perfect.

She came in on Wednesday night and we ordered food and stayed up talking, looking at bridal magazines and watching TV.

Thursday morning, we woke up and made cinnamon rolls and mimosas while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (our long standing tradition).

I had learned just a few days before that the Smithsonian museums are open on Thanksgiving Day, so after breakfast and the parade, Mom and I headed down to the Mall. We sat and drank hot chocolate while watching all of the ice skaters at the Sculpture Garden and then we went to the American History Museum.

After museum browsing for a few hours, we made our way over to Lincoln where we had a Thanskgiving Feast.

It was perfect. I know the idea of going out for Thanksgiving is really bizarre to some people, but my family has just never really done a big Thanksgiving. It was so nice to just have that time with my mom - just the two of us. The food was spectacular and I loved every second of it.

Friday morning, we were up bright and early to try on wedding dresses! We had gone once before and by the end of that round, I realized that I wanted something completely different than I what I thought I wanted, so we went to try on different types of dresses. After we left the bridal salon, we walked up King Street in Old Town, browsing through all of the shops and such before heading over to Chinatown to check out the Holiday Markets.

We had lunch in Chinatown and then headed to World Market for some holiday shopping before heading home. Mom was leaving on Friday night to head back home so we just vegged out for a bit before she left.

Saturday, I had to work my retail job all day but met up with Jenna and Teri for Saturday Happy Hour afterward. I had to work again on Sunday morning but was out in time to head home and so that The Pilot and I could put up our Christmas tree!

Last week, I came home from work to a number of boxes that I hadn't been expecting. My future in-laws, knowing that it was our first Christmas together and that Christmas decorations are expensive, sent us a tree, lights, ornaments and an angel. It was so unbelievably thoughtful and I'ms so grateful that we have a beautiful Christmas tree...and didn't have to spend a fortune on it!

We put up our tree and then went to see The Hunger Games (which I loved...not as much as the first one though), came home, finished decorating our tee while eating chocolate chip cookies, drinking hot chocolate and watching The Grinch on ABC Family.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect weekend and I couldn't have asked for a better one. I'm grateful for the long weekend (even though I worked for part of it) and am ready to kick off the holidays!

How was your Thanksgiving?
Have you ever gone out for Thanksgiving dinner or are you a traditionalist?


  1. What sweet in-laws to supply Christmas decorations!! It's funny-- Donny and I were talking about non-traditional holidays this weekend. I'd LOVE to travel over holidays (thus not spending it with either sets of our families), but he was very much opposed to it. Oh well. No Christmas cruise for us, I guess...

  2. My hubby and I went out to a restaurant...and enjoyed it.

  3. My husband suggested Thanksgiving out this year but I said no. It was low key though and very enjoyable. I liked Catching Fire better than The Hunger Games but I liked them both a lot. Sounds like a fun time with your mom.

  4. How sweet of your future in-laws to send something so thoughtful :) Sounds like such a great Thanksgiving weekend!!

  5. spending time with your loved ones, sounds like the perfect weekend to me!! we don't have thanksgiving in germany, so i'm fairly new to this tradition. this year we suprised my sister in germany and it was amazing!!!

  6. What a nice stress free holiday! I am sort of jealous of your incredible in laws! It is no fun being frugal this time of year but we are young and personally I like all the freebies I can get!


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