November 20, 2013

Wedding Things II: Getting Into It

Since I last updated you all on our wedding plans, we've checked off another few items off of our giant To-Do list.

First, I should say that one of the first things I did after getting engaged was to get organized. After a friend sent me this fabulous timeline/check list, I went through and took out the pages I didn't need and organized it into sections, put it all in a binder and have been checking it almost weekly as we go through things.

The Type A personality in me was ecstatic at the idea of having an entire binder to keep things organized in with a year-long check list of things to do. I love it. I absolutely love planning things, organizing things and writing to-do lists. I probably should have been an event planner because I thrive off of scenarios like this.

That being said, I surprisingly haven't been as on top of things as I would like. One, we have a lot of time and have gotten a lot of major tasks out of the way. I know, I know...everyone keeps warning me that it will be here before we know it, but we're in a really good place and I refuse to let wedding planning dictate every aspect of my life...especially with so much else going on!

Right now, the biggest thing we're working on are our Save the Dates. One of my sisters has an amazing talent for things like that and she designed them. Using Vistaprint, we were able to print out 100 of them for just $60! Now, I'm in the process of creating labels...something that was made remarkably easy thanks to Postable...but at the same time insanely frustrating due to some issues with Microsoft Word. 

Either way, we should have all of our Save the Dates packaged and ready to go by this weekend. I might hold off on sending them until the following week just because of the holiday but we'll see. Once they all go out, I'll upload the design so you all can see what they looked like!

We're also in the midst of our Catholic marriage prep, which has its own long list of things to do and we secured an officiant for our ceremony, a new priest at our church who we get along with great and are really excited to have!

We've decided on not one but two bakers to satisfy our enormous sweet tooths and are in the process of finalizing things with them. 

Moving into the holidays when wedding planning is going to take a big backseat, I'm feeling good. The biggest things on my plate for early next year are figuring out transportation, looking into florists, and trying to come up with ideas for centerpieces that use flowers as accents, rather than being large floral centerpieces. Since the girls in my bridal party are scattered all over the country (seriously: New Jersey, Texas and Connecticut), I'll be making my way around trying to figure out what my girls will be wearing!

So that's that! We're at 10 months to go (and counting) and the deeper we get into the planning, the more I can't wait to see everything come together! It's a super exciting time and I know that once January rolls around, things are going to fly by!

Tell me about the weddings you've been involved in: Your own? Your friends', sisters', cousins'? Was there a planner involved or did you do it all yourself? What kinds of DIY projects did you take on? What were some of the biggest headaches in planning? Or some of the easiest things?


  1. Oh I'm so glad I didn't have to wrestle with the holidays during wedding planning. But it sounds like you're well on top of things! It was a challenge with bridesmaids across the country, which is why I went with a David's Bridal dress for them-- there was one of those stores near everybody where they could try on the dress and order it.

    I thought our wedding planning went pretty smoothly-- no major headaches. My biggest challenge was getting the date set with the venues I wanted. Once I got that done, it was all smooth sailing from there. We DIYed the programs, menu cards, table numbers/names, place cards, and some framed posters of quotes/verses we liked.

    I absolutely had a planner to help, and she was a GODSEND. Especially the last few weeks-- she coordinated with all our vendors so that I never had to handle a thing. Best money spent on our wedding, hands down.

    Feel free to email or text me anytime if you've got any questions!! :)

  2. We are doing it all on our own. There's a day of coordinator at our reception site, but I'm not entirely sure what that actually entails haha.
    I thought the most frustrating part of planning (I think I've told you) was florists. It's SO much money for something that lasts that day. Luckily I found one I absolutely liked that was MORE than willing to work within my budget.

  3. LOVE reading about your wedding. I'm glad you are enjoying the process, that's the most important part. my advice: just have fun. not everything will go as planned, but exactly those are the stories you will tell your kids and grand kids!

  4. It sounds like you've made a ton of progress already! I loved wedding planning. However, everyone told me that as long as we had good food, booze and music - the rest didn't matter. So, that helped me relax a bit on the details. Plus, Pinterest wasn't around:) I cannot imagine if it had been! Good luck!

  5. Oh it sounds like you have things going nicely! I can imagine that binder comes in handy. Also, great deal on the Save the Dates!


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