November 4, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. I got some exceptionally good news on Friday. News that I've been praying about and hoping for since April and I'm over the moon about it. Love.
2. I am so insanely thankful that it is November. The month of October just flat out sucked. Love.
3. I didn't do anything tremendously exciting this weekend. I slept and caught up on emails, worked on some things for the wedding and read a lot. Love.
4. While going through my computer this weekend, I found pictures from The Pilot's and my first trip to DC back in 2011. It was on that trip that I set in to motion my plan to convince him to move here...and where we discovered the World War II Memorial...where we got engaged 2 years later. Love.

5. Yesterday morning, I woke up early to watch the NYC Marathon. It was amazing to watch the race and track all of my friends online as they made their way through my former home. Love.
6. That being said, I still have absolutely no desire to run the New York City Marathon. Every time I run a Fall race, I absolutely hate the part of sitting around in the cold waiting to start the race. Doing that for 6 hours on Staten not even run for that amount of time...just sounds awful to me. Don't Love. 
7. It's November and it's time to be thankful. I'm thankful for the exciting news I got in #1, my mama who celebrates her birthday next week, my handsome fiance, living in DC and the amazing friends I've made since living here. Love.

Happy November friends! I hope it's a good one! 
I'll be sharing my news as soon as I can!


  1. Glad to see that you have so much to LOVE right now! :) I would really love to do the NYC marathon... it's a bucket list item of sorts, I guess, but honestly, I don't know how excited or miserable I may end up being lol. Congrats on your exciting news! Hope we get to hear more about that soon! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Now you made me curious!!! I hope one day you can share the good news :)

  3. This is full of mostly Loves and that makes me happy. :) Have a great week love!

  4. I love that you only have 1 "don't love" on this list :) And I LOVE #1!!!! Happpyyyyyy news :-D


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