September 26, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Recovery - Proactive recovery is going well. After Monday's emergency acupuncture session, Tuesday's leg massage and yesterday's rest day, I'm hoping to head out for a run this morning and test out how my knee is feeling. My yoga teacher/masseuse rolled out what felt like a golf ball sized knot in my calf. She recommended epsom salt baths and magnesium supplements before bed, so that's what I've been doing. We'll see how I feel when I head out for a run later this morning.

2. Week Off - I've been off this week and it has been glorious. The travel bug in me used to knock the staycation but my goodness, this week has been wonderful. I've been able to run errands, clean my house, take care of some paperwork. It has been absolutely wonderful.

3. Little Black Dress - I'm ashamed to admit that I don't own this closet staple. I did...three years ago before I started running and lost a lot of weight. I realize that I have a Rehearsal Dinner next Friday and that an LBD is the perfect thing to wear. So I'm off to the shops today to go look into the wide world of LBDs and see if I can finally add this closet staple to my wardrobe.

Wish me luck on running!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Staycations are so good for the soul. Glad you're getting to enjoy one.

    Have fun shopping for a LBD, hope you find the perfect one!

  2. STAYCATION. I think my staycation moment was Friday, when Farber, unprompted, goes "you look so RELAXED." Telling.


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