July 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. On Not Going to Yoga - Last week, I tweeted that I was kicking off my 30 Day Yoga Challenge Take 2. That lasted a total of 2 days before I realized that my OCD major Type A cannot start something on a random Tuesday and that it would probably be best to wait until August 1. It's a good thing I did this because I had grand plans of going to Yoga in the Park last night with Emily who, upon meeting up in Dupont Circle informed me that she had just gotten some incredibly exciting news and immediately need to celebrate in a form that was more craft beer than crow pose.

2. Acupuncture - When I hurt my knee before the NYC Marathon that wasn't, my doctor recommended acupuncture. Brief history of my relationship with needles: When I had my knee surgery in 2003, I threw a tantrum that would show up a 2-year-old for a solid hour before letting them inject me with an IV drip. I don't do well with needles but when your doctor tells you that needles are going to get you across the Finish in your goal time, you go for needles. Recently, I found an acupuncturist in DC and went for my first session last week. I have my 2nd today and am planning to go at least once a week until I get my knee pain sorted out. I've had a good week so far and have had some pain over the last 2 days but I'm optimistic.

3. #Throwback Thursday - I see these posts all over the internet every Thursday and have never had anything to contribute. Well, this weekend, my sister sent me this gem that my grandma gave her.

That is me at 3-years-old rockin' some sweet shades, a Care Bear t-shirt and my first pair of roller skates. I was basically a 90s style icon. 



    I didn't notice them at first but that is amazing! Fingers crossed for you that your knee keeps getting better!!

  2. I never knew you had knee surgery! Is it the same knee that's been giving you trouble? Hope you figure it out soon.

    I was interested in trying acupuncture when I couldn't figure out my lower leg pain last year but had trouble finding a place that took insurance. In the end, ART helped a lot.

    Impressed that you're still so dedicated to doing 30 days of yoga. I pat myself on the back for going once a week, haha.

  3. Just curious, what is the cause of your knee pain? I'm fascinated to hear how the acupuncture does!

  4. BAHAHAHA I love you and all your type A traits and 90s style.

  5. Sooo cute, LOVE the picture!!! I heard acupuncture is amazing for many reasons, also stress. But I'm so scared :)

  6. Loooooove your #tbt photo! :) What a gem!


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