July 9, 2013

Class Review: Yoga Hikes DC

I mentioned yesterday that I went on a Yoga Hike this weekend with Yoga Hikes DC. Yoga Hikes are a combination of vinyasa yoga and hiking done in roughly 15 minute intervals over the course of either 90 minutes or 2 hours, depending on which hike you choose. There is the option of an Urban Hike and a Nature Hike, both of which have different starting points throughout the city. Urban Hikes explore some of the side streets and green spaces around the city, while Nature Hikes tackle trails.

The Facts
Class Length: 90 minutes - 2 hours
What to Bring: Water, a backpack if you're carrying anything (no yoga mats necessary)
What to Wear: Sneakers and socks. I recommend yoga pants (I wore capris) since there are tree branches, bushes, etc. that you might brush up against.
Cost: $25.00

Classes are led by Danielle who founded the company just 6 weeks ago! Danielle is a fantastic Instructor. A runner who hated yoga and spent her time in savasna making her Trader Joe's grocery lists, she turned to yoga after battling one too many running injuries, fell in love and headed for teacher training to build on her practice. I love her honesty about her yoga journey and can definitely relate as I've been only been (very) recently practicing yoga regularly.

I headed out for a Nature Hike which started in Woodley Park, took us into Rock Creek Park and through Dumbarton Oaks and Montrose Parks. Being new to DC, it was absolutely wonderful to explore so much nature in my back yard. I had been to Rock Creek Park once for a run but had no idea just how big it was!

My favorite spot on the hike...our 2nd yoga stop.
We met just off the Metro and headed to the a clearing near the entrance of Rock Creek Park to start a basic vinyasa flow - lots of down dogs, forward folds and planks! Then, we headed in for our brisk hike.

The thing I loved about Danielle, and the class in general, is that rather than trying to tune everything out, as is typical in a classroom yoga class, Danielle encouraged us to take everything in - the traffic, the birds, the wet dogs running around us while holding crescent lunge...

The hike included some steep hills, but just when you really start to work up a sweat during each hike, it's time to start another yoga routine. It's such a great way to break up the two different activities, which go surprisingly well together.

Photos courtesy Danielle, Yoga Hikes DC
The 90 minutes went by surprisingly quickly and by the end of it, I was a hot, sweaty, slightly dirt-covered mess.

I'm already planning on attending another Yoga Hike before the summer is over and highly recommend it to anyone either living in or visiting the DC area!

Have you ever been on a yoga hike? Is this something you would try? Do you want to join me on my next one???


  1. Sounds like fun! I've never done a yoga hike.

  2. That sounds like such a cool concept. I love outdoor classes, as long as it's not 95 degrees and humid.

  3. I really want to to do this! If I am ever in DC, please, lets go!

  4. I've seen yoga hikes on Groupon, but wasn't sure about it. I may have to try it out!

  5. What a great idea! I can totally see myself doing that, too bad I'm too far away! I love the fact she takes it all in instead of tuning out.

  6. This sounds great!! I love yoga...I love running...I love trails. Sounds like a win-win-win to me! Thanks for sharing! What a neat concept.


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