July 16, 2013


Last Wednesday, I left work and boarded a flight for the West Coast.

Despite a number of delays, I managed to hop on an earlier flight than planned and was bound LA.

When I hopped off the plane at LAX (sorry, I couldn't resist) I headed for my cousin's apartment where I stayed up way too late talking before passing out.

*Note: You cannot see the Hollywood sign from the 'right' of a vehicle leaving LAX airport. I have now been to LA twice and still have not seen the Hollywood sign. I'm convinced that it is one of those things that you only see in the movies.

I wasn't in LA for very long (36 hours) and only did one thing of importance: visit Dodger Stadium to cross another ballpark off my list. (Post to come later this week).

There was no rain at Dodger Stadium, but there was definitely a rainbow.
Friday morning, my mom and I headed south for San Diego. Once again, it was a short trip. We were only there for about 24 hours, but had just enough time to gorge ourselves with Mexican food and catch a Padres game before heading on to our next destination.

Saturday afternoon, after brunching and driving around San Diego, we drove out to La Jolla. Oh my goodness. San Diego, wasn't at all what I thought it would be. La Jolla, was everything I thought San Diego would be and more. It was absolutely beautiful. I didn't ever want to leave.

We were in La Jolla for the wedding of one of my mom's coworkers who I've bonded with over our mutual love for running. The wedding wasn't until Sunday so on Saturday night, we went out to dinner with some of my mom's coworkers and then went out for drinks at Karl Strauss Brewinc Company.

Sunday, my mom and I went for a long walk around La Jolla. We went in the ocean, watched the seals and checked out all of the little shops. We had crepes for lunch and just enjoyed the afternoon before getting ready for the wedding.

The wedding was hands down the most fun wedding I have ever been to. Considering that I knew a grand total of 2 people before the wedding, that's saying a lot!

Me with my  Mama
First, the venue. The ceremony and reception were at an auditorium at UC San Diego. The ceremony and cocktail hour were outside, with the reception held mostly inside (but the food and bars were outside).

The ceremony
First Dance
The view of the ocean from the venue was absolutely spectacular, and watching the sun set from inside was even better.

So after a long night of dancing and drinking, I was up before 6 to catch my flight back to DC. It was a rough morning and a not so easy flight, but I was happy to be back home with The Pilot and the puppy watching the Home Run Derby at CitiField (though, it would have been immensely better if I had actually been at the Home Run Derby).

It's back to the grind here in DC, but hey, it's already Tuesday so it's a short week for me and I can't complain about that.

Have you ever been to La Jolla or San Diego? Did you leave? Please tell me yes so I don't keep telling myself that I was absolutely crazy!


  1. Were those 2 new stadiums for you? Awesome pictures.

  2. I've never been to CA - always wanted to visit. I'm sure if I ever did I'd never want to leave either!

  3. I did NOT want to leave San Diego!!! I can't imagine how beautiful La Jolla was, and now I want to go visit!!! I'm glad you had such a great time at the wedding, and I can't wait to read your recaps of the stadiums!!

  4. Wonderful pictures!! I have been an afternoon to San Diego and loved it. CA in general (minus LA) is a great place to be, so relaxing! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  6. Looks like it was beautiful! I've never been to either city, but La Jolla definitely looks like somewhere I could enjoy myself =)

  7. Sounds like an awesome trip - again so sad I missed you! :(


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