June 27, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Knee Update - Good news from the doctor! I have a slight tear in my hamstring and should be back in my Sauconys in 1-2 weeks. I'm already feeling better and excited to go out for a test run this weekend to see how I'm feeling. The Marine Corps Marathon is 4 months from today and I'm excited to spend the weekend cross training, running (lightly!) and putting together my training plan.

2. 30 Day Yoga Challenge - While I had to end my challenge, it's still a goal of mine for next year. July is a little bit of a tough month since I'll be doing some traveling but I'm going to try. I have my sights set on 30 straight days of yoga for August though so stay tuned!

3. Summer Bucket Lists - It seems like everyone has been posting a summer bucket list of sorts lately, which, naturally, has inspired my own. I'll post my summer bucket list sometime next week, but in the mean time, here are a few things I'm thinking of:

  • Watch an Outdoor movie in DC
  • Go to CitiField (I can't believe this has to be a bucket list item rather than a part of my summer routine)
  • Beach Time!
  • Leave the country
  • Oops my way around the country with The Pilot
  • Have an obnoxious blogger BFF weekend with Jenna
  • Do Outdoor yoga
Do you have a summer bucket list? What should I add to mine?
Happy *almost* Weekend!!!


  1. I'm so glad the knee isn't anything too serious! I am sure you'll be back at it in no time. And international travel? Do tell!

  2. Ahh what a relief that your knee is already doing better!

  3. So glad to hear about your knee!

    My summer bucket list now involves MOVING! Holla! Official post coming Monday, but I'm So Cal bound so you can get in those last stadiums. Let's shoot for spring ball? ;)

    Love your bucket list. Maybe I'll have time to create a (very, very) short one!

  4. Oh fun list, I am so glad your knee is okay, I wouldn't wish this nonsense on ANYONE.

  5. I just tried to comment but I can't see it. Mehhh. Summer bucket list = getting healthy and running again. I am SO happy your knee is okay, this ish sucksss.

  6. YAY for nothing extremely serious with your knee!!!


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