May 17, 2013

Friday Finds

One of my favorite things about the internets on Fridays is all of the blog posts compiling the random shit that people find on the internet throughout the week.

Seriously, I love them. It makes Fridays go by so much smoother. Those posts and Cookie Fridays. (Yes, my office building management makes cookies for all of us every Friday).

Every week, I try to start compiling a list of my favorite internet finds and fail miserably. Either I lose the post it note, don't find interesting things or forget. This week though, I think I have enough to merit a decent post.

If you're interested in spending your Friday the same way I will though, here are some of my favorite random Friday bloggers: Running Off the Reese's, (Never)HomeMaker. Check them out at 3pm today when you hit the inevitable OMG-HOW-IS-IT-ONLY-3:00 slump.

So, without further ado, here are my random finds from the internets this week that I wanted to share:

1. "Real Women: Forget the Disney Princesses" - When it came time for her daughter's 5th birthday, photographer Jamie Moore looked to the web for inspiration for portraits for her daughter. Overwhelmed by the images of little girls dresses as Disney princesses, she decided to give her daughter some real inspiration and photographed her as 5 different historical women. I love this. She ended the post on her website with the following quote "Set aside the Barbie dolls and the Disney princesses for just a moment, and let's show our girls the real women they can be."

 2. "I Hate Engagement Photos" - WHYARE THEY ALWAYS IN A FOREST/ON A BEACH/IN A MEADOW? Don't get me wrong, some engagement photos can be really nice. I just don't get the point. In this day and age, when we photograph everything, why not just use one of your favorite pictures to slap on the Save the Date? To each his own, I suppose, but they just aren't for me. This post echoes some of my sentiments.  But let's not get me started on maternity photos...or even worse... photographing the birth of your child. Goodness no.

3. "30 Excuses to Leave Work Early and Enjoy the Sun" - Because hey, the weather is getting nice and sometimes, you just want to go outside and play. My personal favorite is #8...though I'm pretty sure if I told my boss I needed to leave because 2ge+her was getting back 2ge+her, he would have no idea what I was talking about. (Related: Can BBMak please make a come back?)

4. Maid of Honor Speeches - First, we had the bride-and-groom-have-an-original-not-so-original-first-dance trend. My guess, is that Maid of Honor (and/or Best Man) speeches like these two will start to make their rounds across the internet. Personally, I think they're awesome and may have to start auditioning people for the role of Maid of Honor if/when I ever get married to see if they're up to the task (kidding...seriously, I would never.) These two are my favorites. The 2nd one is a little long (TWSS) but it's funny.

5. "21 Most Swoon-Worthy Moments of Prince Harry's Visit to America" - Goodness, when did Prince Harry become so unbelievably good looking? He was most certainly not the cute one when he was a kid.

So there you have it, Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend. Go do something crazy and good luck to everyone racing!


  1. hahaha I have to chime in on Engagement pictures. I never understood hem. You are marrying that person, you must have a bunch of pictures with that person and that picture is going to be more genuine. However, my fiancé really wanted them so I said ok (also a lot of wedding photographers will only do your wedding if they can do your engagement too. It helps them to get to know the personality of the couple before the big day). After we got our engagement pictures back I was in love with them. Our photographer captured some great pics of us and our personality and they were crystal clear. They are our favorite pictures of ourselves now.
    And to think I was against getting them from the start. Glad we ended up getting them done.

  2. oh but maternity photos make me want to gag. Why do people want pictures of themselves like that.

  3. That second speech - I can't even... wow.

  4. I jut saw both those videos last week - they're SO great! Hilarious. But seriously, I want a MOH like that.

    And that 5-year-old's photo shoot? Beautiful. I love it.

    Great Friday finds!

  5. We never got engagement photos, I don't like to stage and try to look like we are so in love. The best pictures are the ones with real emotions. We were lucky that my brother in law took pictures while Mike proposed. It wasn't fancy, it was a cheap camera, it was in the middle of christmas chaos, it was me in a pj, but it was real and you can see our expressions - no staging could ever show!


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