April 25, 2013


I am the middle child...of 7. 

The last time all of us were together was in 2000 at my sister Nanette's wedding. 

Next month, my baby brother...who I can no longer call a baby...is getting married. 

And we're all going to be there. The 7 of us...and the 5 children that 3 of them already have. 

I'm so excited. 

In the last 13 years, the most of us that we've gotten together is 5 and that's only happened a handful of times. 
Either '97 or '98...at my sister Zuzy's college graduation.
There are a grand total of 4 pictures like this in existence. This is the first. The second was taken about a year later when we were all vacationing in Florida together. The third is from my sister Nanette's wedding. 
There are going to be a ridiculous amount of pictures taken at Ruben's wedding. So much so that he hired his photographer for the Rehearsal Dinner just so we could all take pictures together before taking even more pictures together at the wedding.

We're fortunate to still have our grandparents, so we'll be adding them to the mix as well.
Here are some pictures of all of us. I've numbered all of us so you can see who's who in the lineup of 1 being the oldest and 7 being the youngest.

Me, Zuzy (#1) and her little boy Craig - the baby of the family. 
Me, Nanette (#2- on the left) and Sammi (#6)
Me and Tatiana (#3) at my grad school graduation
Me and Ruben (#5) - the only boy!
Me, Tiffany (#7- on the left) and Sammi (#6)
So that's us. 6 girls, 1 boy. We live in San Francisco, New Jersey, Texas and D.C. We haven't been together in 13 years and that's all going to change in a month! I can't wait!

Do you have a big family? Anyone have the opposite? Lots of boys and only 1 girl?


  1. Holy crap that's a lot of kids! I'm one of two, so I'm not sure what it would be like to be one of 7, but knowing my family, I don't think that we would be spread out all over the country. My dad is one of five, and the farthest one lives 20 miles from where they grew up. My uncle lives in the second house that they all grew up in and my aunt lives in the first house (across the street) that they started out in. I imagine if I was in a big family that we would still be very local :) I'm excited to see all the pictures of all of you!

  2. That is so awesome! I love big families :) I have 3 siblings, and it's hard to get us ALL together which is sad. But I love 'em :)

  3. Wow-- that's a big family! And six girls?? Holy crap. That's awesome that you're all going to be together soon!

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  5. 13 years is a long time! My wife comes from a family of 7 kids but they are lucky and can get together once a year. -Chris

  6. Carla and I are "only children." My mom was one of eight girls and one boy, though! Lots of Peruvian cousins.

  7. I am the youngest of 8 (7 living) so I totally get how difficult it is for everyone to get together. It was actaully on my bucket list to get a picture of the 7 of us together and finally was able to do that 2 years ago.

    We also have over 60 neices, nephews and greats!!!

  8. One boy and six girls!! That must have been fun for your brother, ha!

    That's so exciting that all of you get to come together again! I have a small family - just me and my sister - and my family gets together probably once a year. I have a friend that comes from a HUGE family - like 13 siblings. They all still live in the same areas for the most part, so they see each other a lot, too.

  9. Love this post! 7 - WOW! You will have a blast, very excited!! Btw, how did Ruben handle SIX sisters!!??

  10. I had no idea you were from such a big family! I love, love, love these pics! :)


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