April 11, 2013

I Just Ran

I love to run. I really do.

I love to race. I live for training plans, goal paces, tempo runs and the thought of pushing myself for 3 our 4 months to lay everything down in a few short hours on the race course.

I've learned to rely on my Garmin less. I've learned to love running without music. I've learned to enjoy just getting out the door and putting some miles on my shoes.But it's almost always with a purpose or a goal - a range of miles to get in for the day, week or month.

This week has brought summer to DC and yesterday, as the temperature soared to 94, I made plans with The Pilot to have him meet me after work so that we could go for a run through the Cherry Blossoms at their peak.

I didn't bring my iPod. I forgot my Garmin. I know what general direction we needed to be travelling in but didn't have our route perfectly mapped out. I knew that it was roughly 4 miles from work to home through the National Mall but I didn't have the distance down to an exact decimal point.

It was quite possibly the greatest run of my life.

We stopped to take pictures.

I ran up the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

I talked to tourists about their John McCain version of Flat Stanley...who was most recently in Denmark.

We walked when we got too hot and needed as breather.

I didn't care that tourists were meandering aimlessly.

We yelled at just cyclists who tried to run us of the grass. (Ride your bikes on the pavements a*holes).

We saw the Cherry Blossoms in their peak bloom on the most beautiful day in DC since we've lived here.

It was perfect. It was Date Night. We were together, we were having fun, we weren't spending money.

We just ran.

I've questioned whether it's possible for me to love DC anymore than I already do. Yesterday, I learned that it definitely is. I ran home from work through the monuments during Cherry Blossom...and I can do that every day for the next two weeks if I want to. And that is amazing.

Yesterday, without any intention, plan or agenda (other than getting home) I just ran and it was a beautiful reminder of what running can offer.

It was absolutely perfect.


  1. :) I can't wait to do this tomorrow morning! To just run for fun! Although I'm quite jealous of the heat that you've got.

  2. I love this post! I can't wait until the weather warms up here in PEI so I can just "go running" without layers and hats and mitts and thick socks! But instead of cherry blossoms, we have potato blossoms... not quite as pretty!

  3. Oh I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!! I'm one of those bikers, ha...but when I'm around the Mall during crowded times like this, tourists just make me cranky because they get in the way and don't pay attention. I bike in to work early in the mornings, and there are so fewer people - it's really peaceful and quiet. You should try running around there in the morning before work sometime!

    That was a perfect, free date night! My boyfriend has IT band syndrome, so he doesn't run with me =(.

  4. This sounds absolutely perfect:) I've been doing a lot more running like that lately, and it always makes me so happy. And 94??? Please send those temps to Chicago!

  5. LOVE this post and LOVE the fact you are soo happy in DC!!! The Cherry Blossom look beautiful!!

  6. First off, I'm super jealous that it was so warm in DC yesterday when it was still 30 here.

    Second, this is awesome!!! I wish I had the chance to run home from work when I wanted to :) I love this post and I love you!!

  7. I was just at the Jefferson Memorial earlier today, haha! Looks like a great day!

  8. What a happy post - just love it! And I cannot WAIT to run there in two weeks! :)

  9. Looks like a great run.
    I love to run, I never stop to take pictures and then regret it later.

  10. I love this post. Inspiring and happy. :)
    Following you now from Mingle Monday!


  11. This is a great post! I'm a runner in DC and I feel the exact same way. Living in such an amazing place with so many places to run has really helped me to get into the sport.



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