March 5, 2013

Philly, Florida and back to DC

Hello! Oh boy, the last few days have definitely been the kind where life goes full throttle and you don't get a minute to slow down!

Last Wednesday, I boarded an entirely too early Amtrak train for Philly for a conference for work. On Thursday, after the conference, I boarded an entirely too late train to New Jersey to get in a few short hours of sleep before waking up on Friday to catch an entirely too early flight to Fort Lauderdale for the nuptials of The Pilot's best friend.

Planes and trains, for sure.

Unfortunately, there was minimal running. While I packed just about every piece of running gear I own, the only sweating I was able to do was a 30 minute pool running session in the hotel gym in Philly and a 2 1/2 mile run in Fort Lauderdale that did absolutely nothing for my still aching foot.

It had been feeling a bit better up to that point, and I was actually feeling fine post-run...then I walked a mile in high heeled strappy sandals from the ceremony to the reception and have been in bad shape ever since.

Preliminary googling has left me stymied. Plantar fascitis seems like it could be an option, but there are a few things that leave me hesitant to think that's exactly what it is. Unfortunately, a small screw up in my transition from one health insurance carrier to another is temporarily preventing me from seeing a doctor, but I'm hoping that another week of rest, ice, KT tape and flat shoes will do the trick. Fingers crossed.

Seems about right. via
In the mean time, I'm getting desperate for a serious sweat session. Yoga is out...the elliptical is out...walking is out. So what's a girl to do? I might have to suck it up and start spinning this week, just to get in a decent sweat until I figure this whole thing out!

By the way, Florida was terrible. Not really, but it was cold the entire time we were there and that was infuriating. Cold in South Florida? Not cool. But the wedding was a ton of fun. The Pilot's friends from college are some of my favorite people and it's always a good time when they're around. Somehow, my boyfriend managed to get extremely sunburned, despite the fact that the sun wasn't out the entire time we were in Florida.

Dress? Robert Rodriquez for Target's Neiman Marcus collection.
I'm kind of obsessed with it.

So that's that, a whirlwind week/weekend and I'm back to DC awaiting Snowquester, which we all know is going to blow over because of how badly I want a snow day. 

Have you had plantar fascitis? I'm really not sure if that's what it is, but I'd love to talk to someone who has had it. This was our first wedding of the year, next little brother's! Do you have a big wedding season ahead of you this year?


  1. I had a mild case of PF when I first started running, constant elevation and icing and a new pair of shoes helped.

    As for Florida, I was bummed it was so chilly this weekend as well, but thankfully it was super sunny in Orlando.

  2. I have 9 weddings this summer starting with my own! I'm going to be busy! I hope your foot feels better soon!

  3. oh no, i hope you tart feeling better soon, but it sounds like PF. It' good to ice and rest and stuff, but there are some really good sretches! I woul sugget you google them. Also, I would recommend a massage with a chiro or a sports therapist, REALLY helpful according to my friend who has the same issue right now. Good luck!!!

  4. I live in MD and I want this snow day, too! Lets hope it happens! :)

  5. I hope your foot heals quickly! It's crazy how one day/night of bad shoes (for me, it's heels) can make a world of difference!

  6. But I will be there SO SOOOOOOOON! And your foot will feel better and you will get to see ME. Which is obviously, most important. ;)

  7. Oh yuck, that is awful news about your foot!! I hope it gets better (or is already better since I'm catching up on blogs here lol). I started getting pain in my achille's last night so I'm hoping it will go away soon and it's not anything horrible :( I'm gonna rest for a few days and see how it feels. Any advice on how to subdue the pain or heal it??


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