March 12, 2013

Kitchen Experiments

Lately, I've been on a make-everything-homemade kitchen kick.

My first experiment with homemade Greek yogurt went ok. I think I know what I did wrong and am planning to try another batch this week which I'll post - if I get it right.

Currently, I have a bowl of dough rising in my kitchen, which I'm hoping will turn into homemade bread. I'm following a recipe I found on one of my favorite blogs: (Never)Homemaker.

We'll see how the bread turns out.

I've already made my own taco seasoning and am planning to experiment with Ranch dressing and Velveeta cheese (two of The Pilot's favorite processed foods, which I cringe at the thought of having in my kitchen).

I've been cooking so much more than I ever have, mostly because I'm still recovering from moving expenses, but I really like it. I love coming home and cooking dinner. I hate coming home and making lunch so I'm really going to try and get into the habit of preparing all of my lunches on Sunday so that I don't have to worry about it as the week goes by.

Speaking of cooking, last night I was making an avocado egg salad to bring to work for lunch today and as I was boiling my eggs, I went to throw in some salt...except, I had forgotten to put the cap back on after putting salt in the dough mixture and emptied out the entire bottle of salt into the pot of boiling water.

Oops. Thank goodness it was an egg and I didn't ruin anything, but now I'm out of salt!

Dinner last night was a delicious bulgur corn risotto that I made from a recipe in Self.

I toasted the bulgur in some garlic and oil before adding the boiling water!
It was so good!
You know what else I did last night? I ran! 5 whole miles with NO foot pain! I wore an older pair of shoes and I'm wondering if my shoes are just out of commission. I had to really fight the urge to run today because I'm feeling great, but with Saturday's Half coming up, I don't want to take my chances so I'm heading to yoga tonight and planning to hit the trails tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


  1. Totally need to find that bulgur corn risotto recipe -- I bought a bag for a chili I made the other day but I only used half a cup so I have a lot left over! Womp.

  2. Oh seeing that you ran 5 miles made me SO happy!! I was just thinking I might need to get some new shoes to help with my pains. And that risotto looks delish!


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