March 28, 2013

Hey It's OK

...that despite my pure and utter exhaustion from this week, I still stayed up wayyyy too late to go to Trivia Night with Leanna and Jenna (who are *awesome*)

...that I am probably not going to work out today.

...that I'm totally dreading my long run this weekend because The Pilot is going to be home. If he wasn't going to be around, I probably wouldn't care so much.

...that I have had an insatiable sweet tooth lately. Maybe it's not ok, maybe it's getting a little out of hand... give the stink eye to the guy at the gym who finishes his workout and then 'cools down' and stretches on the treadmill for 10 minutes while you're eagerly awaiting your own sweat fest. 

...that the hall closet looks like I've had it for 4 years when it's only been 4 months and to still not have gotten around to organizing it. 

...that for inspiration to this point, you checked out Glamour Mag's Hey, It's OK Pinterest board. reaaaaaaaallllly dislike Beyonce. plan on watching Les Mis this weekend because you really need a good cry. really need a good cry. 

What are you saying "Hey, It's OK" to today?


  1. (I feel like I'm stalking you today, but still) HOORAY trivia. And good crys are the best - it's the only reason I own the Notebook.

  2. I have a sweet tooth like 100% of the time!
    I completely agree that it's super annoying when people do that at the gym! When it's crowded and packed and there are people waiting, grr...

  3. I had a good cry fest the other weekend, sometimes you just need it!
    And I have the sweet tooth issue at the moment as well, I've had far too many nibbles of Easter candy.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hey it's ok to take a little break in my favorite new happy place even though moving in is not finished at all.

  5. Ahh Les Mis is soooo good!!!! And I hate when people at the gym take up equipment and don't care about others!


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