February 14, 2013

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! My date tonight is a puppy who is really depressed that her owner is gone and made me want to tear my hair out when she decided to go absolutely nuts at 3:30 this morning.

Seriously though...sad puppy much? She curled up into a ball after The Pilot left and didn't move until I took her out...and then she crawled back into her little ball and stayed there until the next morning.

Sad puppy much?
I promise I take good care of her. She just likes him better.

So yea, I stayed home from work yesterday after leaving early on Tuesday with I don't know what. I just felt awful and had no energy whatsoever. It was clearly a 24 hour thing because by 4pm yesterday, I felt fine and the 20 second failed treadmill run I had tried earlier in the day turned into 6 1/2 miles of hill repeats on the treadmill chased with a 45 minute yoga DVD.


My goal for doing yoga at least twice this week has been achieved.

I found this on the website for the yoga DVDs that I've been doing.
It's Valentine's Day so it's appropriate. 
Let's try and keep that up. If I get a strength workout in this week, hell is freezing over. We'll see though. It's my birthday week so I may just surprise myself.

Did you hear that? Tomorrow is my birthday! It's funny, I have a bunch of friends who have turned 26 in the last few weeks (including The Pilot) and I seem to be the only one who doesn't feel like 26 is OMG soooo old! What?! People - calm down!

My grandmother is 87-years-old and still salsa dances like she's 22...which means I have at least 60 years ahead of me before I start to feel old. Age isn't just a number - it's what you make it. 26 is the new 25 and I'm gonna have some fun this year enjoying my youth while the 'old' 26-year-olds continue to lament about how 'old' they are.

You know why 26 is amazing? Because it's the number of miles in a marathon! I wish I was badass enough to run a marathon this weekend but I'm not. Don't worry - I'll definitely get in my fair share of 26.2s while I'm 26. After all, it's only fitting.

So while I'll most likely be spending Valentine's Day getting it on with my treadmill and my yoga mat, I'm excited that The Pilot finagled his schedule so that he would be home tomorrow to celebrate my birthday...after I get a massage, courtesy of my place of employment...and eat a fistful of macaroons, courtesy of the macaroon place that I just discovered in Georgetown.

Happy Valentine's Day!

How are you celebrating tonight? Whether single or spoken for, I sincerely hope it's by stuffing your face full of sweets!

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  1. Happy birthday tomorrow!! Hope you have a great weekend celebrating with your man. :)

  2. Wait for the big 3-0! I have not been afraid of my 30th bday, but let me tell, I have been to more doctors in the last 2.5 years then the 30 years before :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope you enjoyed your massage - super jealous!

  4. Happy belated birthday again! I love that mentality that 26 is the same distance as a marathon :) Makes this whole turning 25 in a few months a little less daunting since I'll have 26 to look forward to ;) I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!!


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