February 25, 2013

Love/Don't Love

1. Oops...I went home to see my Mama this weekend. I was in the not so great state of New Jersey for approximately 36 hours, during which it rained cats and dogs, I stayed up entirely too late every night talking to my mom and got to see all of my family. Love.

2. I. am. exhausted. Staying up until 1am, taking an early flight out back to DC then running 15 miles does not exactly make for an easy Monday morning. I woke up with no problem but man oh man was I moving slow. Don't Love.

3. I watched the Oscars last night (I never watch Awards shows) and I kind of loved them. I think that secretly I don't watch them, because I still feel like I should be a movie star, but I'm 26 now. Time to get over it. Plus, this guy was on my TV all night. Love.

I just can't. He is so gorgeous.
4. I signed up for Foodie Pen Pals on Lindsay's blog and didn't think I would do it again because I was really angry that it cost me $22 just to ship my package...but then my partner received her package and loved it and I got mine and got hooked up so I'm definitely going to do it again. Go check it out! It's awesome! I'll be posting on Thursday about my goodies, but here's a little sneak peek! Love.

5. Oh so that whole...Oops, I went to New Jersey this weekend...definitely keeps me on track for my 2013 goal of getting on a plane at least once per month. So far, I'm at 3 plane rides in January (Newark > Dallas > Houston > DC) and 2 in February (DC > Newark > DC). Even though it's only a 40 minute flight, it still counts! Love.

6. I ran 15 miles yesterday. It was hard. It also looked like this. Don't Love.

Whoever said there are no hills in DC lied their face off.
I had never gone past Mile 5 on the trail because I always either crossed the bridge or turned around...this time I decided to keep going...and this is what happened. Mile 7.5 was my turn around, FYI...I can't wait to see what lies beyond that...not.

7. Today, I woke up feeling pretty great after yesterday's run. Then, I got off the Metro to make the long walk to work and realized that it hurts to put any weight on my left foot unless I walk on the inside of my foot, with the outside up in the air...which results in me walking kind of funny. Don't Love.

8. Was anyone else surprised that Anna Karenina didn't get more Oscar nominations than it did? I definitely think it should have won Best Cinematography. The movie was so beautifully done. I liked Life of Pi, but I think Anna took risks in film that worked and resulted in absolutely beautiful moving picture. Don't Love.

That's that! I've got a To-Do list a mile long this week!
How was your weekend? Attend any Oscar parties?
I just might have to throw one next year! 
Happy Monday! 


  1. So I guess you went straight ahead (instead of turning into Georgetown), now you know what I meant! If you go from your house towards Alexandria it is super flat and super pretty!

    In regards to shipping, you can use flat rate boxes from the post office and you can save quite some money!

  2. What's worse is not getting a Foodie Pen pal package in return. I don't know if I will sign up again.

  3. Woman. Award shows are where it's at!! Obviously, I was glued to my TV all night for reasons you mentioned above.

    AM I IN DC YET?!


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