January 14, 2013

On Getting Settled

I wish I could say that this weekend was all about getting out and exploring DC, but the reality is that there were still boxes to unpack, pictures to get hung and furniture to be put together.

I loved being in Texas last weekend, but it meant that we never really got that first weekend in our apartment to put everything together.

The place is finally starting to come together and I'm loving my new apartment just a little bit more every single day. Peyton is starting to adjust nicely and I'm starting to get into a little bit of a routine at work.

On Friday, I left work a little bit early and stopped to pick up some Baked & Wired cupcakes for The Pilot and me. I got home, put on a pair of sweat pants, uncorked a bottle of wine and proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the night. It was glorious.

I haven't worked a 9-5 in almost 3 years and I was exhausted from my first week of work!

Speaking of work, I love my office. It makes me incredibly happy. It's in an old, historic building with exposed brick. It's a communal work space and I love the environment.

On Saturday, The Pilot and I had to get Peyton out of the apartment for a few hours while our bathtub was being reglazed so we took her to the pet store and then made our way to Old Town, Alexandria and walked up and down King Street with her.

Crossing over Peyton Street with Peyton!
I got way more excited about than I should have.
We stopped at a bakery for lunch (Bittersweet) and they gave her 'pupcakes' which we didn't think she liked, until I realized that she wanted them hand fed to her. Spoiled.

After trips to Ikea and Trader Joe's, we were too exhausted to go see the movie we had planned to go see so I tried my hand at some cilantro-lime rice (needs work) and called it a night.

Sunday brought on a foggy 9 mile run. It was my longest run since the Richmond Marathon in November (yikes!) and I felt fantastic, I even ran at a pace 30 seconds faster than I usually do my long runs and didn't struggle at all. I came home and proceeded to be lazy for the rest of the day, half assing my way through unpacking and hanging things on the wall (I got the wine rack up so at least I had my priorities straight) and watching the Golden Globes while contemplating this dilemma:

If forced to choose between Eddie Redmayne and Jeremy Jordan, what in heaven's name would I do?

Don't even get me started with Hugh Jackman...or Leonadro DiCaprio.

So that was my weekend. Here's to a productive week of finally getting completely settled in my apartment so that I can start exploring all of the fantastic things DC has to offer...starting with the Inauguration.

Now who wants to loan me $2200 so that I can purchase a ticket to the Inaugural Ball?

Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I wish we could have met up, but hopefully soon! Can't wait for pictures of the apartment!!

  2. Baked & Wired has the best cupcakes!!! And Eddie Redmayne. Definitely. ;)

  3. Baked and Wired cupcakes are the best! Jealous! What is your favorite kind? And as to your choices,.......Ryan Gosling every time.

  4. Love love love Baked and Wired and Bittersweet!

    My cousin's going to the Rhythm and Blues Inaugural Ball...it's not too pricey if you're interested: http://rnbinauguralball.eventbrite.com/


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