November 19, 2012

Love/Don't Love

1. I didn't have much of a weekend since I had to work Friday and Saturday night but Sunday, The Pilot and I headed into Brooklyn to see my roommate from when I was in Geneva who just moved to New York and we had a great time! Love.

Love this picture of us on the ferry from Williamsburg to Brooklyn Bridge!
2. I am sick today. I've been nauseous all day and have had a horrible headache and my knee has been hurting. Don't Love.
3. The Pilot and I are heading up to Rochester this weekend for my friend Stephanie's wedding! I'm so excited for her and I can't wait for a weekend reunion with all my DC loves. Love.
4. I really want to see Anna Karenina this week but it isn't playing anywhere near me! Don't Love.
5. I feel like good things might be coming my way soon and I really hope I'm right. I'm sorry for being shady but I don't want to reveal anything unless things come to fruition. Love.

6. My Madrid sister Ally is coming to town this week! We're having a sleep over on Wednesday and are going to do all sorts of fabulous things together on Thursday morning and I can't wait because seriously...I haven't seen her since MDI and that was almost a month ago! Love.
7. I've run a total of 1.4 miles since Richmond and I'm totally ok with that. So far not training for a marathon is just as fun as training for a marathon. Love.

That's that! 
I'm excited for the shortened week because of the Holiday!


  1. I love that we have withdrawls from each other after one month!

  2. Adorable picture of you and The Pilot! Love you guys :)

  3. I have a massive head and I'm nauseous too! Definitely don't love! I hope you're feeling better!

  4. You have some fun plans coming up. Enjoy!!

  5. Yay for good things!! I am praying that good things DO come your way for sure :) I hope you had a great time with Ally and that you had a great Thanksgiving!!


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