October 1, 2012

Love/Don't Love

1. First things first, everyone needs to go visit Danielle and Christine and congratulate them on awesome marathon PRs this weekend! My Twitter feed was blown up yesterday with news of awesome races and long runs and I'm glad that my 21 miler went just as well as everyone else's runs/races. Love.
2. It's October! It's time for that obnoxious weather where it's too cold to run in shorts and too warm to run in capris. Don't Love.
3. My next big race is just 2 weeks away! I can't wait to head back to Maine to race MDI with some awesome friends (Reach the Beach reunion!) on what Runners' World has dubbed the Most Scenic marathon. Love.
That's Danielle...she's kind of awesome...running on the MDI course.
4. I'm annoyed that I had to cancel my doctor's appointment last week after they called me twice to confirm...both with different times, insisting that the latter time (which didn't work for me) was the actual time. I really want to nip whatever is going on with my hip in the bud before it starts to become an issue! Don't Love.
5. The Pilot comes home tonight! He's been doing a lot of 4-day trips lately and we haven't been seeing much of each other. I'm excited to see him! Love.
6. Baseball season is almost over and I didn't make it to all of the ball parks. I only have 12 more to go but with my employment situation over the summer, heading out West to visit all of those West Coast teams was going to be tough. Don't Love.
7. That just means I'm going to be going to a lot of baseball games next year...and a lot of new cities! Love.
8. The Jets got absolutely slaughtered yesterday. I'm glad I opted to drink Bloody Marys and eat pancakes with Emily post-run rather than watch the carnage but come on, I just went through a brutal baseball season...football season can't be this bad too! Don't Love.

9. I'm starting to contemplate my 2013 race schedule...and by contemplate, I mean I may or may not have already registered for some races. Love.
10. I finished Chrissie Wellington's book yesterday and it was awesome. No, it did not give me any desire to do an Ironman. It was still a great book and I recommend it to any endurance athlete. Love.

So tell me: What's on your calendar for the month of October? Pumpkin picking? Football games? Not complaining about the weather getting colder? Do you follow football? How's your team doing? Anyone on any fantasy teams out there? Read any good books lately? I want to know!

Happy Monday! And Happy October to all you crazies who love the Fall! 


  1. You know what's on my calendar!!! MDI and YOUUUUUUU

  2. YAY FOOTBALL!!! My favorite part of this season (as much as I love fall colors, I'm with you on the Boo cold weather thing! GO Ravens!!

  3. First of all THANK YOU for your shout out!! That is soo nice of you :) My BF is from Brooklyn and was very upset about the Jets game,too. I'm glad he didn't watch it, I heard it was painful.

  4. 2013 races...mmhmmmm....let's chat love!

  5. Psh, October is not too cold for shorts! I'll be running NYCM sleeveless and in shorts. I am so not complaining about it cooling down now that I'm able to run semi-fast again. On my calendar; races every weekend until NYCM (half, 10M, 10K, half relay).

    Good book: "Ten Girls to Watch" by Charity Shumway. One of my projects at Glamour magazine was helping to narrow down candidates for its Top 10 College Women Competition and the book is written by one of my former coworkers. It's a novel based on her experience tracking down all the past winners for its 50th anniversary.

  6. Glad your long run went well! I can't even think about 2013 races...well except for NYCM. Because that's all that's on the burner for now since it's out of the cards this year. And now that you loved Chrissie's book, I think I'll have to add that to my to-read list!

  7. Shorts forever and always above 30 degrees. #shortsforlife :)

  8. Going to my first NFL game next weekend!! I do want to do something "fally" like apple picking or maybe going on a fall wine tour. We'll see! I don't love the weather of fall per se but I like the fall-y things and I'm glad for the oppressive DC heat to be over


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