July 3, 2012

2012 Goals Check-In

I'm the furthest thing from the type of person that wishes time would speed up. Lately, I keep coming across blog posts that offer some kind of thought as to "omg how is it July already???"

How isn't it July? I felt like the month of June just dragged on. I thought July was never going to come. I'm perfectly content with the pace that this year is going...not too slow, not too fast...just right.

Since it is July though, I thought I'd check in with my 2012 goals and see how I'm doing.

1. Try a spin class. Check! I hated it. I don't think I ever want to take a spin class again. Soul Cycle was NOT my thing. I might try a class again...if I don't have to pay $32 for it but I really just don't think it's my kind of workout. I felt like the only thing I got out of it was a sweat...as in, I'm sweating because it's hot and there's other people sweating - not because I'm getting a good work out.

2. Do more yoga. Fail. What's yoga? I started off the year doing pretty well with this by going to the free Yoga to the People studio around the corner from my apartment...but then I had one too many bad experiences there that were enough to derail me from going back. First, I went to three classes that had you start doing crazy intense ab workouts (100s, bicycle crunches on speed, etc.) after savasna...umm...doesn't that defeat the purpose of yoga? Second, the last class I went to was SO crowded, our mats were literally 1/4 inch apart. I didn't do a single pose without poking someone in the eye or getting smacked in the ass. One of my marathon training goals is to go to yoga at least once a week, so hopefully I'll be better about this in the 2nd half of the year. No promises though.

via YTTP is way too crowded for my taste.
3. Leave my apartment more. Check. I've been a rock star at this. I credit blog friends and 16 Handles. While it was super easy to phone in an outdoor run and jump on the treadmill downstairs, I made it a point to do at least 2 runs a week outside and I was much more social. I also went to Spain. So there's that.

4. Finish my college scrapbook. Fail. Hahahahahaha. I don't think I've touched it since last summer.

5. Get The Pilot to run a race with me. Almost check. Ooh ooh ooh! WE'RE RUNNING THE MLB ALL STAR GAME 5K IN KANSAS CITY THIS WEEKEND. TOGETHER! Sorry I went all caps on you. I'm really excited about this. I've been asking politely annoying the heck out of him all year about running a race with me and he finally agreed. Actually, I've been begging him to run a half with me but this weekend I'm going to prove to him that racing is OMG SO FUN and he's going to love it so much that he's going to walk away and say, OK babe let's sign up for that Half in Montreal that we talked about. Right babe? Right???

6. See the rest of the ball parks. Working on it! 17 down...Kansas City this weekend will make 18. That will put me at 12 to go. I need friends in LA, San Diego, Denver, St. Louis, Miami and Phoenix to offer to host me in their cities for baseball games. Any takers? I want so badly to make this happen! I'm so close!

7. Go to an NFL game. It isn't football season yet.

8. Visit my BFF in Kentucky/Cincinnati. Check! Just got back on Friday!

9. Do something big to celebrate my birthday. Fail. I did nothing. I was sick on my birthday. I performed in The Vagina Monologues, had a cocktail and went home and went to sleep. Lame.

10. Read more books that I want to read. Check! Currently reading Bart Yasso's "Born to Run." I've loved the books I've read this year and am looking forward to a summer of reading many more books!

11. Read the newspaper more. Umm...

12. Move out of New York. I'm working on it. (Touchy subject)

13. Run a sub-4 marathon. The New York City Marathon will be my 3rd attempt at a sub-4 marathon. I have to chop 3 minutes off my time to do it. If I don't go sub-4 in New York, I'll be devastated.

So that's that. I'm not doing too badly! One thing I didn't put on this list is to run 1,000 miles. I came so close last year (983) and then got so burnt out from running and racing that I just needed to take a break. I'm well over 500 for the year already, so as long as I stay healthy, this will be an easy goal to make a reality!

My goals haven't changed much and I'm still hoping to stick with all of them. How are your 2012 goals shaping up? Have you added/changed any of the goals that you made for the year?


  1. If I were home in LA I'd take you to a Dodgers game for sure! Not the Angels because we all know how I feel about them. LOS DOYERS ALWAYS & FOREVER.

    But I miss you & it was nice to read about how you've been doing.

  2. love how you hold yourself accountable :)
    here from the blog hop!
    excited to be your newest follower :)
    ps. i'd love for you to stop by and say hi at lavitaebella-elisabeth.blogspot.com

  3. Hey...found you on the Blog Hop. Love the title of your blog, so funny and I'll be following with your adventures and completing your goals. All the best!

  4. I cannot believe spin classes are so expensive. Ugh. And crowded yoga is so not my thing either - there is nothing relaxing about it!

    Enjoy the 5K with the pilot! So fun!

  5. I have no desire to go to any ball parks but I love your ball park goal. What a great thing to do to get to many new places and you obviously love baseball. I love defined goals like this. Early on in my racing career I ran in every county in my state and loved it. Much smaller scale but same idea.

  6. You are doing great with your goals!

    I'm not into spinning either, I never really understood the resistance button. Plus the light is off, which drives me crazy. And you have to be there early to make sure you have a bike AND you can not sit/walk for 24 hours :)

    Is NYC a tough course? Maybe you should run Wineglass with me? It's a slightly downhill course and known for PR's :)

  7. Haha, glad I'm alone in hating spinning. I've only tried it once and I also didn't feel like I got a decent workout. Plus, those seats hurt!

  8. great goals christy! i def want to try a spin class as well :)

  9. LA/San Diego are my home(s). :) <3 those stadiums! I love your ballparks goal. I'd like to do the same, but I'm a lot farther off than you are!


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