April 9, 2012

Love/Don't Love

Hello! Happy Monday and Happy Belated Easter! It's time for another list of the current things in life that I'm loving and well, not loving so much.

Let's start with the most important things, shall we?

1. The Mets are 3-0! Baseball season started on Thursday and the Mets are 3 and freaking 0! They sweeped the Braves this weekend and are ranked first in the division! This is probably the one and only time this season I'll be able to be so proud of the Mets, so just give this one to me ok. 3-0!!! Love.

2. Thesis. Need I say more? Don't Love.
3. Friday morning started off with breakfast with two of my favorite redheads. Not only did we laugh hysterically over just about everything (including my propensity to write thesis thoughts on my arm while running...and try and pass them off as my splits), but we had a blast and it was nice to have a "Boston" reunion. Love.

4. Despite Friday being absolutely perfect in just about every way, Saturday and Sunday were fraught with thesis and running meltdowns. To say I'm overwhelmed by these two things right now would be a huge understatement. Don't Love.
5. Friday, after mani/pedis and some thesis-ing, my Madrid partner-in-crime, Ally, treated me to see Newsies on Broadway. Not only was the show absolutely incredible, but we stayed after, met the entire cast (sweetest boys ever) and then closed down Junior's after devouring some delicious cheesecake until 2am. Love.

The 'close to my age' sister I never had.

6. I'm in love. My heart was stolen Friday night and it wasn't by a handsome pilot (sorry babe). He may be engaged (yes, I stalked) and on a fast track to stardom but these are small details because Jeremy Jordan swept me away. He's from Texas and is a Cowboys fan. How do I know these things? I asked him. His one and only flaw is that he's a Yankee fan (but hey, no body's perfect). Seriously though? This boy is has incredible talent. Love.

Notice my cheese grin?
7. Did I mention thesis? I'm praying to have a full first draft by Wednesday. But my thesis is literally just consuming my life and really overwhelming me. Don't Love.
8. I'm going to Spain in just over a week. Love.
9. Madrid training over the last few weeks has been very sporadic. While my back is fully healed (thanks to a doctor who doesn't condemn runners and some very strong pain  meds), I ran a total of 17 miles of a planned 45 last week. I'm hoping for the best, but strong winds have condemned every single one of my goal pace runs to a slow and terrible fate this training season. Don't Love.

My training over the last 3 weeks...ouch.

10. If you are a runner and don't know about the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Teams for Bloggers, you probably live under a rock. While I had glamorous plans of applying to be one of Nuun's glamorous lady bloggers, I decided against applying. My life come May is entirely too unpredictable and up in the air for me to commit to a Relay Team on the West Coast in August. So, for those of you who have applied, good luck! Don't Love.
11. The Pilot and I are going to our first baseball game of the season on Wednesday. Let's hope I have my thesis done by then so I can really celebrate. Love.

Looks like I had a lot for you today!
Hope you're all having a great start to the week!


  1. M bought me tickets to see the show for my birthday! I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!! Newsies was one of my all-time favorite movies growing up (it even inspired part of my writing/journalism drive). Glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait until we go!

  2. that relay run looks awesome!! what a cool idea!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Wind is the worst :( Glad your back is better though! The extra rest is probably good!

  5. Newsies! How great is that!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  6. I love that you write down ideas during your run! :) And Newsies??? I would die! I'll have to see if I can get tickets in May!

  7. I love how you are writing thesis notes on your arm while running! hysterical! you should voice record them in your ipod?? Is that even possible? I'm not very good with technology...

  8. It was so great seeing you on Friday! I still can't believe you were thesis'ing on the run! Hilarious!

  9. oh Newsies!! jealous! i want to see that!! and good luck on your thesis, you'll do great!!


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