February 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Workout & Wine - A few weeks ago, I signed up to get email updates from a new NYC based company I found called Kiwisweat who hosts pop-up fitness classes at fun locations around the city. When an email came across my Inbox for an event called "Workout & Wine," I knew I was in before I even knew the details. So I called up my trusty cross-training buddy and we signed up. Tuesday night, we made our way to Top of the Garden for a killer workout followed by wine and hors d'oeuvres with some amazing ladies. Kiwisweat had partnered up with Rogue Female Fitness for the event and it was awesome! Leanne, our instructor had fantastic energy and a killer playlist. She's running Boston this year and was super friendly. She invited Emily and I back to a class with her at Rogue and I can't wait to take her up on her offer! I will definitely be back for Kiwisweat and Rogue!

Emily and I...slightly drunk and somewhat sweaty
2. New Kicks - Yesterday, while I was in New Jersey for The Pilot's birthday, he decided to take me out for a little birthday surprise of my own. The Pilot brought me to our local running store for an expert shoe fitting before buying me the shoes that are going to get me across the finish line in under 4 hours in Madrid this April. I have a whole post planned on just how fantastic this whole experience was and you can check that out tomorrow, but what's important right now is that me and my new Sauconys are at the start of a beautiful relationship.

3.  Madrid Training - I know, I"m terrible...I skipped another Madrid Training post this week. I hate that because I really do love writing those posts as I think they're a great way for me to reflect on my training but this week has just been insane. Work has been absolutely insane with my boss leaving and with The Pilot's birthday and heading out to Jersey, I just didn't get around to it. What I would have said in my post in a nutshell is this: Training is still going really well. I've gotten back into the habit of strength and cross-training after missing a week of both and I'm still feeling really good. I have 15 miles on deck this weekend and I'm 2 weeks away from the Cowtown Half. I still haven't decided on a race strategy for that just yet but as I'm increasing my speed work in the next week, I know I'll decide that sooner, rather than later. I had a killer hill workout this week what I busted out in what may have been one of my fastest 6 mile training runs ever and I'm still feeling pretty high from it. My Marathon Goal Pace runs are feeling easy and I'm still feeling really strong. So all in all, training is going great.

That's what's going on this Thursday!
Do you ever drink post-workout? How excited do you get over new running shoes?
Are you training for anything right now? How's it going?


  1. I'm training for my first 5K in May, it's not too bad!! I slacked this week, though, and need to pick up again. I got new running shoes last week and loooove them :) Happy Weekend!!


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