December 6, 2011

November Recap

So we're 6 days into November and still no recap. Sorry.

I've been avoiding it. November was pretty much the most unproductive month I've had since starting my 25 Before 25 list because well, I was really busy. Let's break the month down week by week shall we?

Week 1: Recovering from Marine Corps Marathon, racing my way through my 3rd 5k.
Week 2: Spontaneous anniversary trip to Maine with The Pilot!

LL Bean is now our favorite store. Ever.
Week 3: Racing my way to a shiny new Half Marathon PR in Philly.

Week 4: Kicking off the Holiday season at home for Thanksgiving.

I had fun this month, that's for sure, I just wasn't all that productive in crossing things off my list. You know what I was productive about though? Reading everything there is to know about the African continent, writing papers about sex trafficking and all things grad school. I always make sarcastic comments about how uplifting my graduate program is but truth be told, I love learning about all of this stuff. I feed off it. You can ask my poor boyfriend how many times we've been out to dinner and I start going off about human rights violations in Sudan and the fact that World Cup soccer brings along with it a huge increase in the sex trade (which is the current topic of the paper I'm writing). I love this stuff. I love sitting down with these issues and striving to find a way to bring about change. I could not have chosen a better topic for my Master's.

And to think, I started college as a THEATER major.

This month, I submitted my thesis proposal. I won't have my Master's by 25, but I'll have it 3 months after I turn 25. I'll take it. I think I'm going to extend my deadline the way health insurance companies extend your health care.

I will have health insurance until completed my list by the end of my 25th year. 

With 3 months to go, there are a few reasons for the extension of my list, namely that grad school takes up an obscene amount of my life and that being gone all summer kept me from doing things like horseback riding, ballpark visiting and movie watching. I'm ok with it though. 

But you know what I did do this month? I:
  • Read the Book of John, the Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Romans. In 25 days time, I'll have read through the entire Bible in one year and crossed another thing off my list. 
  • Submitted my thesis proposal and am well on track to getting my Master's.
  • Made another recipe out of one of my cookbooks...only 10 more to go!
You know what else I did? I had fun. I saw some balloons inflated for the Thanksgiving Day Parade...

...and I saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree get lit up...kind of. 

Because you know what? What's the point of life if you can't have fun? This month, I'm going to finish my last semester of coursework for graduate school. I'm going to read a lot of books in my pajamas. I'm going to watch a lot of movies in my pajamas. I'm going to try to enjoy the Holidays for once. I'm going to scrapbook till my eyes fall out. I'm going to bake a lot. I'm going to run when I feel like it. I'm not going to race. And I'm going to welcome in 2012 with open arms. 

How did your November shape up?


  1. I love this post :) And it makes me happy that you're so happy and enjoying life to the fullest!


  2. What a happy, happy post!

    And you can't forget that we met in November ;)

    We need to plan a get-together soon!

  3. Ugh! You kicked butt. My novemeber was productive however, my december isn't starting out so well!! Hence why I am off to the gym now!

  4. unexpected injury took my nycm plans down (but still ran it!)...good new learning experience....


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