November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Grad School - One of the things on my 25 Before 25 list is to get my Master's. Last night, I turned in my thesis proposal which is the last step in the grad school process. I'm really excited about my topic (which I'll post more about later in the writing process) and the possibility of going back to Africa to do my field research. I turned in my preliminary proposal last night and I'll turn in an extended proposal in January and start writing. I'm hoping to travel around February-March and write my first draft around the middle of March and finish it up by then. I have to be really strict with setting deadlines for myself and following them which isn't going to be easy but I'm determined to make the process fun!

2. Philly - This Sunday is the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon. Last Monday I had wild fantasies of running the marathon, going sub-4 and writing an "Oops I Ran a Marathon" post. Then my knee fell apart on Tuesday and I realized that wasn't going to happen. My knee has basically been  bothering me every other run but if I keep a knee brace on it, it doesn't hurt so I'm hoping for a good race in Philly. Philly was my first full so I really wanted to take part in the race again. But it might be a little too soon after Marine Corps. Hal Higdon says you need one day of rest for every mile you ran in the marathon and I think I'm starting to believe that. I think after my next training cycle, I'm going to have to give myself ample time to rest...especially since 2012 is going to be my first multiple marathon year! No matter what happens in Philly, I'm heading down with Celia and Katie will be there too, so it's bound to be a fun weekend.

3. The Holiday 'Spirit' - When The Pilot and I went to Texas in September for my friend's wedding, you would have thought it was December 21. There was Christmas stuff every where. Call me a Grinch all you want, but I hate that Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year. I think it makes people so sick of Christmas by the time the holiday actually gets here, that no one wants a part of it...myself included. I would be so much happier if we just went back to the 12 days of Christmas rather than the 90 days of Christmas.  The more I see Christmas stuff weeks upon weeks in advance, the more I get annoyed about it. I refuse to shop in a store that's decked out for the holidays before Black Friday. I don't understand the one actually buys Christmas-themed items as gifts anyway and no one starts decorating until after Thanksgiving. I read a consumer report that 89% of consumers are dissatisfied with how early Christmas why does it continue to start earlier and earlier every year? Oh and ABC Family's Countdown to the Countdown of the 25 days of Christmas? Not cool. Not cool at all.

So tell me: Have you written a graduate thesis? Did you have fun with it or am I setting myself up for major disappointment? How long do you usually rest after racing? What are your thoughts on Christmas starting earlier and earlier each year? Do you get excited about it? Or do you think it's too much?


  1. I love Christmas. I have to agree, i was not prepared for it arriving so quickly this year. On Halloween the local grocery had nothing but Christmas music and it has been that way since! Maybe it's a Texas thing.

  2. yay! i can't wait! i have decided that i don't rest enough after marathons. multiple marathons for you next year? intriguing... :)

  3. No master's thesis for me, but I am hoping to have a master's by 30, so maybe in a few years!!

    I have just started racing, so I have no idea how long you should rest.

    And lastly, I TOTALLY agree with you on Christmas starting too early. Although, my rule is Thanksgiving night is when it becomes acceptable. I watch christmas movies, listen to christmas music and sometimes we even get the tree on that Fri or Sat. Once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is on in my book!!! But not a moment before. :)Have an awesome race weekend!

  4. I'm in grad school now and debating whether I want to do a thesis or not. We have a thesis or non-thesis option. I just have NO idea what I would want my thesis to be about! Please share what you will be writing yours on!

  5. I saw your blog off of Pink Lemonade's blog

    I love the idea of 25 before 25! So awesome. Do you have a premade list or are you making it up as you go?

    As far as Christmas goes, I hate how commercial it has become! And I have a no christmas-music christmas-festivities-before-thanksgiving policy :)

  6. I heard a Christmas song yesterday while shopping. It's wayyy to early!! Wait at least until the day after Thanksgiving!

    Good luck in Philly this weekend!

  7. I'm just finishing up my first semester of grad school and will be in your position about a year from now- I'm really looking forward to reading all about your thesis adventure!

  8. I think Christmas should wait until after Thanksgiving, and I love the Nordstrom sign! I think I saw it on Twitter.


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