November 21, 2011

Love/Don't Love

1. I slept for 13 hours last night. It was glorious. Love.
2. Yesterday, I owned my race. My new running mantra (which I developed somewhere around Mile 9) became "Own your race." I didn't put everything out there but I still finished strong and fast. Now, I have my sights set on a winter Half-Marathon that I can truly own and test my limits and see just how fast these little legs can carry me. Love. 

Woo! Look at me! I PRd!
3. I came home last night to find the picture frames I hung on my wall last week on the floor, shattered to a million pieces. So much for posting photos of my apartment this week. Don't Love.

4. I'm starting to get a tiny bit excited for the know, now that they actually start this week and it's appropriate to do so. Love.
5. The Pilot and I have plans to go see Macy's inflate all of the balloons for the Thanksgiving Day Parade but now it's supposed to rain. I swear I feel like it rains at least twice a week in New York. Don't Love.
6. 3 more weeks! 3 more weeks! 3 more weeks! Love.
7. Those 3 weeks involve a lot of paper writing...which is what I will be doing on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and through the weekend. Goal = write 2 of 3 final papers this weekend. Don't Love.
8. I just found out I don't have to work on Wednesday which means as of 6pm tomorrow I'm free! Love...To go write papers. Don't Love.

It's the start of a short week for everyone!
What are you loving and not loving this week?
Who's doing something exciting for Thanksgiving?


  1. Love your blog and PR.

    Don't love that M is at home right now, and I'm in the office.

    Love that it's a short week.

    Don't love that it's not 5 o'clock yet.

  2. jumping after PRing = worst idea ever.


  3. Yay, I am running a turkey trot on thanks giving of 8.5 miles! Hopefully Ill do as well as you!

  4. I have the same picture frame set. Sorry it broke :(

  5. Congrats on your amazing PR! I am so happy for you, Christy! Enjoy these last few days and have a wonderful holiday!

  6. What winter half are you looking at?

  7. I have a feeling I'm going to sleep for a *long* time tonight-after a few days of waking up 3:30am, then 5am, and long full days, I'm ready for a good sleep!

  8. LOVE your number 4 :)

    Don't Love being at work while my little brother just got home from college and is only here for a few days :(

  9. Ahh- SO sorry to hear about the frame incident. :(
    LOVING your blog though! I just posted your race report... thank you for sharing!! So excited for your PR! Once I get it up and running, I'll definitely add your blog to my "Favorite Links" page. :)

    Here's your post:

  10. Congrats on a great race! And, I HATE when things fall off my wall - it happens all the time to me.

    Going to a tennis tournament at Thanksgiving -- oh yeah.... exciting stuff.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS on the huge PR! So happy for you! :D I am just itching to sign up for another race. ITCHING. I have my eye on Atlantic City Marathon for next October, with other smaller ones beforehand. And I think you should run Atlantic City too. :)


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