November 7, 2011

Love/Don't Love

1. Since my last Love/Don't Love Post, I'm feeling a lot better about everything including school, work, etc. Love.
2. There are only 5 more weeks in the semester and I can totally handle it! There are only 2 papers, 1 presentation and a take-home final that stand between me and never having to set foot in a classroom ever again. Love. 
3. Training for the Philadelphia Half-Marathon starts today! I started my morning with an awesome strength training session that included some leg, back and bicep work and then a 15 minute Get Focused ab routine with the Nike Training Club app. Love.
4. I've only used the NTC app a few times but I can't view My Progress or get my workouts to sync to the Nike website. Don't Love. 
5. The New York City Marathon was yesterday and everyone ran a great race! I can't wait to toe the line on the Verrazano Bridge next year! Love.
6. I got my butt kicked this morning and am definitely going to feel it tomorrow. Don't Love. 
7. Lately I've really been into the whole mustache trend. I have no idea why but I think this whole fascination with mustaches is absolutely fantastic. Love.

Maybe I should throw a mustache party to get it out of my system?
8. This weekend was absolutely fantastic. Friday night involved frozen yogurt with these awesome blogger ladies. Saturday involved a 5k race, watching college football, writing a paper and a fantastic 30th birthday surprise costume party for The Pilot's brother. The party was at this cosmic miniature golf was awesome! Love.
The Pilot and I went as elves!
9. This weekend was Daylight Saving Time. I don't understand why they call it "Daylight Saving" because I'm pretty sure that day light ends at 4pm and that isn't cool at all. I miss summer nights when it's light out until 8pm. Daylight Saving Time, you suck and I Don't Love you.
10.. Last week went by super fast and I'm hoping this weekend does as well! I didn't go to school at all last week (oops) so it might be tough to get back into things but The Pilot and I are celebrating our anniversary and it's my mom's birthday so it's definitely going to be a good week! Love. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you run the New York City Marathon? Is it on your bucket list? Any big plans for the week?

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love love love mustaches too!!! & am beyond excited that you will be done with school!!! Running a marathon is on my bucket list, although I don't know where yet or when!

  2. I am pretty sure we are supposed to have a marathon celebration party. Maybe we could use those cute straws?

  3. I watched the NYC marathon yesterday and even though I don't like large races, I think I wanna do it! Maybe I'm lucky :)

  4. Haha, I'm totally down for a mustache party--just name a time and place :-)

    PS: Hope that you're feeling better...let's connect soon. xo


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