October 10, 2011

Love/Don't Love

1. Yesterday was by far the hardest race I've ever run but looking back on it, it wasn't the worst race ever and I think that running 21 miles and actually finishing the half is something to remember when I toe the line in DC on October 30. Love.

Stolen from Jill's Facebook page
2. I am unbelievably sore today. My quads are screaming at me and my glutes feel a little bit like someone stabbed me in the ass. Don't Love.
3. I took advantage of my apartment's pool for the first time today (I know what's wrong with me??) and spent about half an hour leisurely swimming in the pool. It felt so good to be in the water. Love.
4. Today is Columbus Day which is not cool. I think it's pathetic that America still celebrates Columbus Day. I'm definitely not an overly sensitive minority but he landed on the island of my ancestors and raped and pillaged the island for its people and resources...and then brought his friends over to do it all over the Caribbean before he got to what is now America. Sure, let's celebrate him. Don't Love.

5. I'm on Fall Break which really doesn't mean a lot except that I'm lying in bed all day writing papers but at least I don't have to go to school. Love.
6. I'm starting to like my classes a lot less and I'm definitely starting to have "senior-itis"...if that's even possible in grad school. Is it May yet? Don't Love.
7. I'm obsessed with the show Pan Am. I'm not a big TV person at all but seriously every time this show ends, I get mad that I have to wait another week for it. Love.

This show is SO good!
8. Even though I felt like yesterday was the worst race ever and that I needed some sort of redemption, after careful consideration and advice from everyone's favorite redhead, I have decided against a 20-miler this weekend. Marine Corps will be my redemption so from here on out, it's taper time! Love.
9. I GOT NEW SHOES! I got them like 2 weeks ago and keep forgetting to blog about them. Umm they are hands down the sexiest running shoes I've ever seen. I decided to switch back to my tried and true Nikes and I've slowly been breaking them in in time for the marathon. Love.

This photo does not do the color justice.
So tell me: How many miles do you typically have on your marathon shoes before Race Day? Do you watch Pan Am? Did you have off for Columbus Day today? Do you get the taper crazies?


  1. LOVE LOVE the new shoes, so pretty and yes sexy! I hope you feel better very soon and hey, don't worry about the bad race. Every training cycle has one really bad run, now it's out of your way and you can enjoy MCM!!

  2. your love/don't love posts always make me smile :) and I seriously admire your attitude about your race-- running 20+ miles is a huge accomplishment no matter what, and your positivity is fantastic.

  3. Hmm - not sure how many miles - but at least two weeks or so of running. If its a pair of shoes, I've worn before, I don't worry too much.

    Nope, no day off for Columbus day!

    I'll let you know when I get to my taper! In the past, I was so busy studying/in the hospital working that the taper was a nice relief!

  4. love pan am! caught up on the last two episodes today!! now sunday seems so far away!

  5. I have the same shoes, but in pink!!!!! LOVE!

  6. Gosh I am so sore too. Don't know how I am going to function at work tomorrow! Going have to use the handicapped bathroom....

    Glad you decided against another 20 miler. Get your redemption at MCM!! Be sure to get to the start with enough time to spare...you ever hear my story?

    I used to get a new pair of shoes about 3 weeks before every marathon and break them in. The racing pair of shoes I have used for my last two marathons I have been using since March. I love how broken in and perfect they feel, but now I am just using them for races...

    You know what I love? Philly 2011 :)

  7. Love the new shoes!
    Don't love that I didn't have Columbus Day off nor that we still acknowledge the day.
    Love that you're getting close to your marathon!
    Don't love that I think I have a sinus infection.
    Love you and your blog!

  8. I can't decide if I love Pan Am or not, I want to love it but then I get mad at some of the characters!!!

    Thank you for deciding against the 20, I promise you that you made the right call!!!

  9. The only reason I like Columbus day is because I've gotten a day off of work or school for the past 4 years, but I think what he did was not the greatest at all...taking away people's land and claiming it as his own? Not cool, dude.

    And RYC on my blog, I used Picasa to create the header, and the background I just found on Blogger template design actually! There are a ton of background images to choose from that I recently discovered and I am excited to change it up for winter too :)

  10. those are some sexy new kicks! p.s. i'm jealous of your sore glutes.


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