September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Yasso 800s from Hell - Yesterday, I had my first experiment with Yasso 800s. Holy goodness, I don't know how people do them. My plan called for a 2 mile warm-up, 6 800s at 3:50 and a 2 mile cool down. After 4 800s with a 400 meter jog in between, I slogged home averaging an 11 minute mile. Today, my knee is screaming at me. I'm hoping it's just because of the rain and that I didn't do something yesterday but I haven't had knee pain this bad in a really long time. So, while today was supposed to be a Rest Day, I was going to try and get in my tempo run but I'm skipping that in favor of ice and possibly light yoga.

The East River track
2. New York City Marathon - Today, I signed up for my 9th qualifying race for the New York City Marathon. A $50 5k that starts at the United Nations and ends at the Marathon Finish Line. $50. For a 5k. I thought the BAA was steep but this is just ridiculous. Why did I sign up? Because it's the only race left this year that I'm able to run and because I've already invested a sh*t ton of money to run this race already. Angry much? Slightly. If I had known just how expensive it was going to be to run NYC through the 9+1 program, I would have run it for charity. Don't worry. I'll get over it.

3. School - This week was officially my first week of classes. We started last week but I only had one class to go to because of the holiday so now, we're in full swing. I mentioned Monday that I was on the Wait List for a class because I hated one of mine and I'm so happy to say I got in. This semester, I'm taking Global Civil Society, Issues in Humanitarian Assistance, and a regional course studying Africa which I am stoked about. I love the professor and after only one class, he's totally rekindled the flame and has me itching to to go back to Africa. In more exciting news, I got an email this week about applying for graduation! This is my last semester of classes and next semester, I write my thesis and then I'm done in May! I've just got to get there...
Hopefully without looking like this!
Happy Thursday all! 
Any big plans for the weekend?
I'm going to a country music festival on Sunday! And running 20 miles!


  1. Tip for 800's: Make sure you're running at the very least your recovery laps the opposite way you do the 800's. If you're prone to ITB issues going the same direction the entire workout can cause a flare up and give you knee pain.

    I love that you're my friend and so damn wordly! Good luck with this last semester darling!!! You can do this!

  2. Yikes, I hope your knee is feeling better. And thanks to Morgan for the tip about 800's. I NEVER would have thought of going the opposite way during recovery time. I go the opposite way during warm-up & cool down but I am going to start doing it during recovery also.


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