September 4, 2011

This Weekend was Amazing

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and will all be enjoying the holiday tomorrow while I am at work. Don't worry, I'm not complaining though, I had the whole summer off and got to see the world, so I'm ok if I have to work a holiday every now and again. I also had a fantastic weekend so I'm definitely not complaining.

Friday, The Pilot came to town! He's finally here and only living an hour away and I love that. When I said goodbye to him yesterday afternoon, I was able to say, "Bye! See ya next week!" instead of sobbing my eyes out in an airport not knowing when I would see him again.

So, we met up in Union Square after work and I needed food stat so I hit up the Dining Hall in my building which seriously has the most amazing food. Roasted portobello sandwich with a caprese side salad with the most juicy tomatoes ever? I'll take it! And for free? YES! Then, we went to 16 Handles because all of you bloggers got me hooked and I, in turn, got him hooked.

Whatever that melted chocolate crunch thing is, is amazing.

We did the "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know, what do you want to do tonight?" thing for about half an hour before I said, "Let's go to Coney Island!"

And off we went.

The Brooklyn Cyclones were playing their 2nd to last game of the season, so obviously, us 2 baseball lovers went to the game. The Pilot has always wanted to go see the Cyclones because he has a thing for Brooklyn baseball (RIP Dodgers) so we had a great time...even though it took us 12 years to get to Coney Island. The ballpark is right by the water so it was pretty chilly but we had a great time and the Cyclones beat the Staten Island Yankees (gross) making it that much better.

Yay! Baseball!
Unfortunately, MCU Park is not on my list of ballparks and it's almost the end of baseball season which means, I probably won't make it to all 30 before my 25th, but hey, I've made it half way and am still planning to sneak a few more in so we'll see!

After the game ended, we headed over to Coney Island to check it out. Neither of us had ever been before. They shoot fireworks every Friday night during the summer from the water and we got to see the fireworks from the theme park which was fun! Then, we decided to ride the Ferris wheel! Unfortunately, the fireworks ended before we got on the Ferris wheel so we didn't get to seem them from up top, but it was still super fun!

On the Ferris wheel!
Coney Island from the top!
Hello Verrazano Bridge. I will be running across you next November. 
We left Coney Island and made the 12 year journey back to Manhattan.

The Coney Island Ferris Wheel!
We were both starving, so we decided that Artichoke was in order.

Spinach and artichoke dip on a pizza? Of course. 
Artichoke is kind of a staple if you live anywhere near the East Village so that's what we did. Saturday morning, we woke up, I tried to make a pancake recipe out of my cookbook...key word tried. I'm not very good at making pancakes apparently. I blame the recipe. Then, we took a stroll through Central Park, hit up Spice for lunch and I saw The Pilot off so that he could go study and be well rested for his first official flight today! (I'm ridiculously excited for him.)

Today, I ran 13 miles. I felt good and strong, although, it was really hot. Then, I rewarded myself with a nutella ice cream sandwich courtesy of my favorite food truck, Coolhaus. Sustainable, philanthropic and delicious? That makes the recipe for my new favorite place to get a sweet treat!

Nutella ice cream sandwiched between 2 oatmeal raisin cookies...heaven. 

This weekend was perfect. The Pilot, baseball, a good run, nutella ice cream? I couldn't have had a better weekend. Now, I'm being lazy and laying in bed with my compression socks. I'm on and off reading "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman, another book off The Book List. So far, I can't put it down. And no, I've never seen the movie.

What have you done for Labor Day weekend? Stayed in? Went somewhere? Stuck with your usual weekend routine? Do you follow food trucks? What's your favorite?

Oh and someone please tell me, am I the only person who makes a complete mess of myself when I eat anything flavored with Nutella?

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. It sounds like you had a fun weekend! My boyfriend and I always do the "What do you wanna do tonight" thing. Sporadic weekend nights are so fun!

  2. A good man, a good book, baseball, and nutella ice amazing weekend. I'm a sucker for anything nutella.

    Amazingly normal weekend routine here in DC this labor day weekend.

  3. Oh gosh, you're making me hungry!!! Looks like you had a GREAT time this weekend!! I'm so glad the Pilot is close to you :)

    Yep, I'm from the Cleveland area my whole life! How cool your friend is from Berea, that's not too far from me!

  4. mmmmkay love so many things about this - coney island (i need to go!), ARTICHOKE PIZZA (the best), 16 handles obv. looks like a fantastic weekend!


  5. 1. I NEED to have that ice cream sandwich. Need.

    2. DO NOT under any circumstances watch The Golden Compass movie. I loved that trilogy as a teenage (still do.) and the movie was so so awful.

    So happy for you and The Pilot!

  6. sounds like so much fun! you guys are so cute together!! and i'm so jealous you can just go and run 13 miles! you're my running hero!!

  7. Amazing, amazing weekend! I ball my eyes out every time I leave M though....and it's usually "see you next week!" I am grateful that he and I live so close! Glad you had such a great weekend, Christy!

  8. Looks like an AMAZING weekend!! Spinach artichoke dip pizza?? Holy cow, yes!!

  9. sounds like you had a great weekend! i have never had anything from a food truck. an ice cream sandwich sounds really good right now since its so hot out but i cant eat nutella due to an nut allergy :( boo


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