August 9, 2011

Training Tuesday

Last week, I was dedicated. I wasn't about to let an accidental trip to Texas and a late flight home stop me from getting in all of my workouts and I didn't. I switched things up a bit, sure, but I still got all of my workouts in.

You know what I learned last week? That despite what I read in the blog-o-sphere...I don't really think that anyone runs at 5am. Tuesday night, I went to bed bright and early. I set aside my running gear and set my alarm for 5am so that I wouldn't have to bring my running stuff to Houston. I was only going to be there for a day so I wanted optimal time with The Pilot. Well 5am came along and it was pitch black outside. I don't know where you supposed-5am runners live but in my summer neck of the woods, there aren't very many street lights and running at 5am is impossible...unless you want to feel like you're running with a blind fold on.

So I got up, made breakfast, and repacked my overnight bag to include my running gear. It's a good thing I got on the first flight I tried to get on and The Pilot was still working otherwise, we would have had to turn our  less than 24-hour visit into a sweaty visit...which I didn't want to do this time around. So my question to those of you "5am runners" you all live in Norway where it's daylight 23 hours a day? If not, then what time do you really run.

Anyway, we're hear to talk about training. So let's take a look at what this week is going to look like shall we?

MCM Training: Week 3
Total Mileage Last Week: 28
Missed Workouts: 0
Trouble Spots: Horrible cramps. To all of my gym teachers who said that regular exercise helps menstrual lied. My hip flexor was still tight through the week but after Saturday's yoga fest, I'm feeling much better.
Planned Mileage This Week: 32

This Week's Training: 
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 4 miles easy (9:58/mile) with 4 strides
Wednesday: 7 mile hill workout
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 4 miles with 2 miles at Marathon Pace
Saturday: 4 miles easy (9:58/mile)
Sunday: 13 miles (9:58/mile)

Goals for this week: Decide what my marathon pace will be and lock it in. Since getting into the gym to start strength training was a major fail, try getting in at least 2 Nike Training Club workouts.
Current annoyances: My Garmin has been very temperamental this week.
Things to keep in mind: Electrolyte replacement is key and yoga really helps loosen up my hamstrings and hip flexors.

That's the week ahead! Today's run was great! I had never done strides before in a run and I really enjoyed the short bursts of pushing myself on a shorter run. I'm also glad I'm out of the prescribed 10:xx mile runs and am starting to speed things up. My training plan has my easy runs getting faster and faster over the weeks which is good because I feel like starting slow is really helping with injury prevention. I'm feeling great going into this week!

So what's going on with you? Are you training for anything right now? How's your training going

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  1. I left the house at 5am on the bike last Friday and it was too dark to see. 5:30 is usually about right in the high summer.

  2. Congrats to you! I was just at the beach and not as dedicated as I should have been. boo me!

  3. Haha ya 5am is pretty early. The earliest I can go out (without a blind fold) is about 5:45am! Great goals for this week!

  4. Hey Christy! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm about to be a new follower. Did you go through an organization when you did all of your overseas work? I would love to find other ways to do that kind of work just in case peace corps doesn't work out. Super jealous of your International Relations studies too, that's what I want to do too but the school where I got my Undergrad doesn't offer it.
    p.s. I totally would have gone to see Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown Band with you =)


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