August 2, 2011

Training Tuesday

The start of the end of summer means one thing for most runners...Fall Marathon training is in full swing.

For me, though, I'm really just getting started. While I have a training plan, being in India for the first week of training really made it difficult to run any more than 4 miles without suffering from heat exhaustion. (I got pretty sick after one such run in Delhi.) And coming back from India was even harder...between jet lag, being sick and just being exhausted from traveling, my 2nd week of training was a bit of a bust as well. I still managed to get 15 miles in out of my planned 28 for the week...not terrible.

But that meant that last week, it was time to crank things into full gear...and work really hard at not getting injured by basically going from 8 mile weeks, to a 15 mile week, to a 30 mile week. But I did it and it was tough, but I'm feeling strong.

I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30 and I couldn't be more excited about it. I've been out of training mode for almost 4 months and I've realized that that's way too long for me to go without training, so now that I'm finally in full swing for MCM training, I'm really excited about it. I'll be writing these posts each week to talk about how my training is going, solicit advice, offer advice and keep track of how I'm preparing for my 2nd attempt at 26.2. I've got big goals for this race and I'm excited to share them! So, here's what training Tuesdays are going to look like:

MCM Training: Week 2
Total Mileage Last Week: 30
Missed Workouts: 0
Trouble Spots: A tight hip flexor that left me stretching on the side of the road half way through my long run
Planned Mileage this Week: 28

This Week's Training: 
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 4 miles (10:04/mile)
Wednesday: 5 mile hill workout
Thursday: Time Trial (1 mile)
Friday: 4 miles (10:04/mile)
Saturday: 4 miles (10:04/mile) + Escape to Yoga Island!
Sunday: 10 miles (10:04/mile)

Goals for this week: Get into the gym and start strength training
Current annoyances: Sweat dripping down mosquito bitten legs is painful
Things to keep in mind: Body Glide is my friend and foam rolling is not just for after a run. 

I'm really excited to go to Yoga Island on Saturday with one of my girlfriends who I haven't seen in ages! I also might be meeting up with some blog friends there, so if you're in the NY area and planning to go, let me know so I can come say hi! I'm also hoping that getting in the gym and doing so me yoga will help with the tightness in my hip flexor. I've had some issues with it in the past and it even creeped up with me at Mile 18 of the Philadelphia Marathon so I'm hoping that yoga, stretching and foam rolling will get me loosened up this week!

So, that's Training Tuesday! Let me know what you think! Do you like the way this post is set up? Do you want to see more of something/less of something? Let me know! I'd love your feed back! 


  1. Yoga island sounds fun! Good luck in your training. You will do great! I am glad to have another training blog buddy to get ideas from and discover new training methods! Have a great week!

  2. Great getting back into training! I hope I can make it to Yoga Island. :)

    Just one question: are you doing all your runs at the same pace? One suggestion for improving is to vary the pace of your workouts. Hard workouts hard, easy workouts easy. It has helped me a ton this training cycle!

  3. Ahh! I am so excited to hear about the return of your training! You are going to rock it!

  4. Good luck with the training and the marathon, that's pretty impressive! I love running, but I don't think I could ever run a marathon.....

  5. good luck training! you've got this girl!

    PS, Can you please please please go to and comment at the bottom? My fiance and I are trying to win a wedding video and we need tons of comments. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


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