June 11, 2011

NYRR Mini 10k Race Recap

The first race I ever ran (besides the one I cheated of course) was a 10k. I finished in 1:01:54, had to stop and walk twice and thought it was the hardest thing I had ever done.

3 half-marathons, 1 full marathon and a number of smaller distance races later, I've definitely become a better, faster runner since that 10k last April so I knew that I was going to PR today no matter what.

What I didn't expect was to have to work so damn hard for it.

This race was tough. The race was mostly in Central Park which is where I did every single one of my long runs for the Philadelphia Marathon. The Harlem Hills aren't easy, but I did that loop 2,3, sometimes 4 times in one run. I think that's why I did so well in Philadelphia, because I had such a strong hill base and ran an entirely flat course. That's why my first marathon seemed so easy. The hills today weren't bad but training in Central Jersey, Florida, Texas and Iowa (read: entirely flat) for the the last 6 weeks made them a little bit less manageable than I would have liked.

It didn't help that I had to wake up 3 hours before the race started and take an hour long train + a 20 minute subway ride just to get there and wait around for an hour but what killed was the 96% humidity. It wasn't that hot out (70 degrees) but that humidity just got to me. The air was just so thick and it was so sticky. As soon as I started, I knew I wasn't going to run the race I wanted. By Mile 3, I just wanted it to be over. At Mile 4, I started getting horrible side stiches...which I never get. At Mile 5, I started to feel how close I was and tried to pick it up, but I got another side stitch and I just couldn't go any faster. I tried so hard to pick it up toward the end and I couldn't. I knew it was a bad race when I couldn't even sprint through the finish.

I finished in 53:36. A huge PR which I'm both excited and proud about but I'm disappointed about how the race went. I know I have a better 10k in me. But I'll just have to prove that to myself next time, right?

In terms of the race itself, I really liked it! An all women's race with awesome cheer squads (almost all guys too!)  and a great but challenging course dedicated to Grete Waitz (9 time winner of the NYC Marathon) - what's not to like?

They had medals (a nice surprise!) and carnations for all finishers where I met up with the sweaty blog group for brunch!

I organized brunch for about 12 of us at Whym, a cute place right near Central Park. It was Emily (Sweat Once a Day), Celia (Running Seal), Ali (Ali on the Run), Tina (Carrots n Cake), Becky (Beck on the Run) Liz  (Food to Run For), Ashley (Healthy Happier Bear), Theodora (Losing Weight in the City),
Kelly (Meals for Miles), Lisa (Early Morning Run) and Claudia (Challenging the Body). We had a blast! And I had Bananas Foster French Toast. If you ever come to New York, please let me know and I will take you to Whym and repeat this brunch because it was the best French Toast I have ever had.

We were all starving and I think all of 2 pictures were taken at the table. Oops. So this is the only picture I got from brunch (besides my food of course):

Me and Ali!

That's all I've got for you know. A 5am wake up call, race + brunch takes a lot out of you. I promise I'll post pictures when other bloggers post them and I can steal them later. In the mean time, I'm having a lame-o Saturday and staying at home. I'll probably be in bed by 10. It's cool, you can call me Grandma. I hope you all have a super fun Saturday and I can read all about it later.


  1. Congrats!!! This is huge improvement and you should be very proud of! :)

  2. OMG i love french toast and that looks amazing. Many many congrats on the PR sooo awesome. And the humidity can be sooo hard. I can hardly walk in it sometimes, let alone run! Today, i had the worse side stitches too, ever try lifting your arm up into the arm to stretch and sort of side bending, or changing the rhythm of your breath?

  3. congrats on your time improvement even if it wasn't exactly the race you hoped for. also, that bananas foster french toast looks AMAZING. mail it to me in texas? lol

  4. Awesome PR - that's a great time - especially considering the humidity and that you had side stiches! Glad you're now able to enjoy a relaxing Saturday at home!


  5. Thanks for organizing brunch yesterday! It was great to see everyone after such a sweaty race!

  6. so, big congrats on your PR, first of all. but the same thing happened to me last night - not too hot but humid as all getout and I was crushed by it. sigh. we'll get it next time!!!

  7. I"m a big French toast fan. In fact last summer when I was in NYC that is just what i had but I can't tell you where i was. Congrats on your PR esp. with the awful humidity. All women races are the best!
    I just found your blog (because you commented on mine of course) and I love it. I love your list. I am such a list person it really appeals to me.

  8. wow that's so cool that you ran! i have so friends who did it and they said it was great! (especially the cheering squads!) what a great blog, i'm new nd i love it!
    marissa :)

  9. Twinny, I am so proud of you and your races!! You are such an inspiration, hopefully I can get in enough runs to run another 1/2 soon!

  10. Wow, awesome looking French toast. If I make it out to NYC, I will hit you up for sure!

    Great job on the pr. 10ks are tough to pace. Not a sprint, but you still Wang to go fast.


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