August 31, 2010

August Recap!

At the end of every month on my blog, I write up a monthly recap of how I'm doing with my 25 Before 25 list. This helps me keep track of how I'm doing and gives me the opportunity to see what I want to tackle for next month! I've done a lot this August and it's a particularly important month because it marked my half birthday! Now, I'm not one of those to celebrate my half birthday, but in this instance I definitely took note of it because it marks the quarter mark of my timeline! So to recap the month of August, I:
  • Built up a strong base of 20 miles per week and have started my full training cycle for the Philadelphia Marathon
  • Have continued to maintain my blog and have reached over 200 followers!
  • Visited 3 new ballparks: Wrigley Field, US Cellular Field and Miller Park
  • Watched 5 films off the IMDB Top 100 list
  • Cooked 6 recipes out of one of my cookbooks and 1 out of another
  • Mounted a map of the world to cork and am half way to having made a travel map of all the places I've been!
It's been a great month and while I have a lot of major changes coming up in September (some good, some bad), I think that September is going to bring about some pretty big things for my list!


  1. aww, twinny you are kicking butt on your list!!!
    Good for youuu!!

  2. I've selected you as a winner of the "Cherry on Top" award! Congrats :-), you can collect it here:

  3. You are living the life, girl! Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  4. I just came over to see if you had seen Citizen Kane yet but I think our movie lists are different...It's much much further down your movie list :) I didn't think it was too rough. The first 5 minutes had me ready to take a nap but it got much better :)

  5. Glad it is all going well. I have just started actively trying to do my list again.

    What will you do once you are 25? Are you going to make another list? x

  6. congrats on all that youve done! im sure it feels great to be able to cross that off your list!


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