July 9, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in Love, Life is Good

In one word or phrase - Excited!

I'm dreaming of you... Moving to my new apartment here:

Song on Repeat - Cooler than me - Mike Posner

Gotta Write it Down... Marathon Training Schedule

Lesson Learned - I have the best mom in the world.

Picture to Frame

Highlight of the Week - The perfect Friday afternoon with mom. 

Timeline of events
Woke up and made Banana Passionfruit Smoothies,
Drove to train station to go to NYC,
Decided against NYC due to pouring rain,
Drive to Hoboken to visit Carlo's Bakery,

Decided against Carlo's due to 2+ hour wait,
Took the PATH to NYC because it stopped raining,
Had yummy Thai food for lunch,
Walked around Washington Square, aka my new campus,

Picked up my Student ID card,
Stopped at this place for dessert:

had this:

walked around the Union Square Farmers' Market, 
jumped on the PATH back to Hoboken,
decided to try Carlo's again, 
saw these cakes:

ordered some of these:

and one of these:

along with some other goodies, 
came home and called it a night!

Weekend To Do List - More X-Training workouts, cooking for Sunday's BBQ, BBQ-ing on Sunday and watching the WORLD CUP FINAL!

Happy Weekend!

PS: After an hour and 20 minutes of trying to re-format this, I give up! Sorry for all the extra space between lines!


  1. Ooh it sounds like an awesome day! Have a great weekend!

  2. mom-time is the best!

    and i miss trains to the city! :(

  3. Can I trade places with you and have that exact same day? I love NY so much it's criminal! Hope your weekend is lovely!

  4. Sounds like an awesome day. All those goodies look delish!

  5. Omg, that's my DREAM destination! Those desserts look heavenly and I'm salivating like crazy. Ha. Happy weekend!

  6. cute blog!!!

    visit and follow mine!


  7. award for you today. on my blog. be sure to get it, cuz it's pretty. :]

  8. The "Cooler Than Me" guy? He went to Duke. Having been a Dukie, it's hard to listen to his music without rolling my eyes, only because...really? You cannot be gangster. You went to Duke. You wear a Duke shirt on stage when you perform. Hahah.

    Glad you had a great week!


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