July 28, 2010

Ballparks #7 and #8: Washington and Atlanta!

So I'm all caught up on all of your lovely blogs! It's taken me quite a bit of time, but I did it! Now, I don't feel like such a bad blogger anymore!

I just got home from the best, spontaneous date night, ever! The bf came over and said, "Put shoes on, we're going out." I, naturally, said, "Where are we going?" He said, "It's a surprise" and then took me to see the Goo Goo Dolls (who, if you don't know, are my all-time favorite band) and they were nothing short of amazing!


Well I'm back from my adventures! It was so nice to wake up this morning, go for a run and then sit around my house all day relaxing! I feel like I have been go, go, go for the last 2 weeks!

Well, I kind of was! 2 weeks ago, I left for a long weekend trip to DC where I saw got to see all my friends, do all those tourist-y things like seeing the monuments and visit Ballpark #7: Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals!

Inside the Nats dugout!

That's right, I was INSIDE the dugout! How did I manage that? Well, the Nationals weren't at home, so I took a tour of the stadium! Now, someone asked me if I can still count it as having visited it if I didn't see a game there, I say...of course I can! I knew I had to be in DC that weekend and the Nationals unfortunately weren't in town. The exact text of my 9th goal is to "Visit every Major League Baseball stadium in the United States and Canada" and so far, I've been to 8 games at 8 parks and visited 1 park. When I'm in Chicago next weekend, I'll do the same thing at US Cellular Field because unfortunately, the White Sox aren't in town. I'd love to catch a game at every stadium, but trying to do so in 2 years isn't exactly going to be easy, so I'll have to settle for visiting, going inside, taking a tour, etc! And I'm in DC often enough that I most likely will catch a game there at some point this season!

From DC, I came home but was in NYC from sun-up to sundown the 2 days I was here showing my best friend who was visiting around and trying to find an apartment =/ (more on that later this week). And then Wednesday night, I left for ATL to go visit The Pilot's sister and boy, oh boy did we have too much fun together! We went to Ballpark #8: Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves on Thursday!

Visited the World of Coca Cola on Friday,

Played a round of Pub Golf on Saturday,

Don't you just love the socks? Ryan's sister and I had matching outfits! If you don't know what Pub Golf is, I highly recommend you look at this page  or this one because it was an insane amount of fun and I'm already starting to plan a round of Pub Golf for my birthday! Sunday we needed some rest after the night's festivities, so we watched Elf in honor of Christmas in July!

Now, I'm back and will probably be just as busy this week as the last few weeks except I won't be moving around so much!

It's good to be back!


  1. busy girl! looks like you've been taking full advantage of summer--good for you!

    and are we both at the same stress level for this insanity called moving? because I am going a little crazy. sigh...one breath at a time.

  2. Hahahah!! Glad you've been having a good time!! Pub Golf sounds very funn & I might have to try it!!

  3. What a sweet BF! I love the Goo's, too!
    Just getting all caught up and looks like you're doing great with the base training - keep it up girlie!

  4. What a great blog! :) I love this idea!


  5. That was SO sweet of your bf :) Bonus points for him haha!

    Good job for being able to cross of 2 ball parks in a short amount of time :) I'm jealous of all your travels!

    Elf is one of my FAV. Christmas movies!

  6. You're going to have to explain pub golf to me - you look adorable in preparation for it!

    Your package is in the mail - I realized I didn't tape the box with the wine stopper shut so I am nervous that it might break. Fail on my part - let me know if it's ok!

    And I cannot wait for your Chi-town trip! YAY!

  7. Sounds awesome! I looked up Pub Golf and giggled a little bit (silly me, I thought it actually involved a putter and a ball!). Next time my boyfriend asks me to golf with him I think I'm going to suggest this. I really love your blog, it's very inspiring.


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